What You Need to Know about Vietnam Travel Packages

What You Need to Know about Vietnam Travel Packages

Vietnam is one of the famous destinations in Asia. The country becomes more and more famous as a travelling destination and the local people are also very friendly and welcome. Similar to other vacation destinations, a successful trip strongly depends on the preparation. Good preparation will give you ease and smooth trip especially overseas. Even if you use Vietnam travel packages in which most of the basic things are taken care of the travel agent; there are still some other things that you need to consider.


Choosing the right Vietnam travel packages is the biggest decision that you should make because travel packages help you to navigate in the country. You can indeed choose to arrange the travel plan on you own; however, you may face the risk of getting trouble. The alternative solution is to use excellent Vietnam travel services, therefore, you can have a great holiday. Even when you use travel packages, there are few things that you need to know before visiting Vietnam.

When to visit

Visiting at the right time is the main key for a successful vacation in Vietnam. You need to know the dates of celebrations and festivals in the country such as Christmas and lunar year. Vietnamese Lunar Year usually occurs from January to early February all over the country. During this time, it may not be the best time to come to Vietnam because most people stay home. Usually people take four days off from most business. In addition to public holiday dates, you need to also consider the weather in Vietnam. If you are going to visit Northern part of Vietnam, you need to understand the weather patterns because it can get quite cold during winter. While the southern part of the country have a relatively warmer weather all year round.

Places to visit

Using travel package does not mean you cannot choose the vacation destination. In fact, you can also choose which places that you want to visit and the travel agent will make it true for you. That is why deciding the places that you want to visit is essential. Here are some good spots that for you reference.


Hanoi – the capital city of Vietnam presents the hustle and bustle city; it may seem intimidating especially for first visit. Besides the weaving motorbikes and crowded street hawkers, there are fascinating temples which should not be missed. The Temple of literature and One Pillar Pagoda is just small lists of great place to visit in Hanoi. You can find this link for good tour packages to Hanoi.

Halong bay – this spot is a world famous destination in which you will experience sailing among 2000 island in Halong Bay. You can also hire kayaks and get the chance to explore the caves.

Ben Tre – located on the banks of Mekong River, you can experience the life with fewer tourist crowds. You can also join a cruise to trace the river and stop by at coconut candy factory to taste the sweet treat. For a more romantic vacation, join the cruise at dusk to watch the sunset and catch fireflies.

Luxury Holiday Ideas For Summer 2016

Luxury Holiday Ideas For Summer 2016

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You have many options at your disposal, with thousands of different cities and millions of hotels. How do you choose the perfect holiday for you? Well, only you can do that, but to give you some inspiration, check out the following luxury holiday ideas that could be up your alley…

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The Best Times to Visit Zanzibar & Tanzania

The Best Times to Visit Zanzibar & Tanzania

Zanzibar Holidays Information

The best times to visit Zanzibar can be grouped according to a couple of considerations

Weather Related:

* Lets start with “when not to visit”: Late March – end of May. This is the long monsoon season when there are prolonged rains, hot and very humid. Many hotels on the island and camps/lodges in the parks close during this time. We advise not to travel during this period.

* June – Late October: This is a good time to visit as it is the dryer season with average rainfall of just 2 inches per month and average temperatures of about 25 degrees C, 77 degrees F.

* Late November: This time of year is known as “the short rains” lasting a couple of weeks. It can rain for a couple of hours, then the skies will clear, especially on the east coast where the best beaches are located.

* December – late January: Starting to get warm, but still not too hot and usually low rainfall.

* February – Late March: Getting hot with average temperatures in the high 80’s F, high 20’s C, and humid in the build-up to the long monsoon season. At this time of year we strongly advise hotels with air-con bedrooms to get a good nights sleep. Read more