How To Eat Affordably In Tokyo?

How To Eat Affordably In Tokyo?

Tokyo is a very interesting city and a spectacular place with many neon lights. It is an enchanting food paradise, with eating opportunities ranging from fine dining restaurants to tasty snacks at the side of the roads. Depending on where we look for places to eat we could have very filling lunch for under $5 and a good dinner for under $10. On a busy street, we could find no fewer than 25 small dining establishments that offer everything from udon to tempura to sushi. Soba is good for both lunch and dinner and it is thin buckwheat noodle that can be served both cold or hot, with a variety of sauces.

Oyakodon is small pieces of chicken slices with rice, vegetables and eggs. Katsudon is fried pork cutlet with rice. Tonkatsu is delicious breaded and deep fried pork with marvellous sweet thick sauce. There are hundreds of other food variations, many can be found only in specific cities and towns. Most meals include some salad and small soup. Some of these dishes can be purchased from vending machines, which add unique characteristics. Many restaurants could also show plastic models that are sold in the front case. We can feel free to point at what we want if our Japanese language skill is quite limited.

Many foreigners and tourists can’t speak Japanese, so restaurant employees usually have no qualms having limited interactions when they order food. Many restaurants in Japan are also located near train stations and subway. Many restaurants in Japan are medium-sized with ten or twenty seats. Even if their English is pretty limited, younger patrons could try to communicate with us. Food halls are also available in many large department stores, usually at lower levels, such as B1 levels. This should be a good way to find affordable and very good gourmet food that we can take to our hotel room. If you’re having trouble finding a good & affordable hotel, you can try to get the best deals and prices.

Comprehensive Ways To Find The Best Deal When Booking a Hotel

Comprehensive Ways To Find The Best Deal When Booking a Hotel

When you are doing hotel booking while traveling, there are two options that you can follow. The first one is skim on the accommodation cost by selecting hostels and other alternatives. The second option is to go all out by booking five star hotels.

Booking a hotel will always depend on the perspective on the customer. There are those who wanted it cheap, while others want it to be really grand yet affordable. Here are some of the tips that will let you maximize your vacation without really staying away with high quality accommodation:

Perfectly timed booking: When you are traveling, booking prices are always fluctuating based on the availability. According to experts, the best time to take advantage of this deal is within the 24 hours of stay in a certain hotel. The hotel actually slashes its price in order to fill the vacant room. But this option is only for people who are adventurous and willing to take chances.

Make use of discounts and affiliations: Whenever you travel, you can always skim by being so vigilant with your affiliations. Being affiliated to any group of association like American Bar Association and etc. will actually save you cash. Some hotel chains have agreements with other associations whether public or private so always double check. Other ways of getting discounts is making use of your credit cards.

Rewards: When it is your time to book a hotel, you can always utilize the rewards given by a national chain mall through earned points. If you are a good shopper, there is a possibility that you can get 20% off from the original booking price with the help of bonus rewards. Earning rewards is always easy if you have credit cards.

Use negotiation skills: If you want to get a better room yet you have initially booked a lower rate one, there are some tactics that you can make use. The first one is to give tip in advance and ask for an upgrade in a nice way. Another more effective tactic is to show up during the exact time of check in, and if the room is not yet ready, the management will be forced to give you a much better room.

Credit card is very useful when asking upgrades too. If you booked a single room, you can always upgrade it to a much better one through the help of World MasterCard or Visa Signature. Be alert for dropout of prices: Not all people have the inclination to sit in front of the computer and hit refresh.

Most of the time, hotel’s nightly rates are dropping out, so if you are vigilant enough, you can secure good rooms without spending too much. To help you watch out for the price drop, you can book your hotel from Here you will find the best deals for Hotel Discounts. Hotel booking while traveling seems to be challenging, but once you have mastered the tips above it will be easy as reciting your ABC.

Delicious Food In Sydney

Delicious Food In Sydney

When you ask me about the tags of Sydney food culture, I think they are regional features, seafood, high-end restaurants, Southeast Asian food, and beach restaurants. This land includes the cultures and food all over the world, and it creates new food inspirations. Sydney is paradise for food lovers.

Darling Harbour: The Dating Place

When you start driving from Sydney Fish Market, just after 5 minutes you will arrive at the Darling Harbour. You will never miss the fashion and modern of Darling Harbour. Here are full of shopping malls, museums, and all kinds of outdoor events to have Darling Harbour considered to be the first-class coastal resort.

Whether you are at lunch break or enjoy specialties, Darling Harbour will be your best option. There are more than 100 restaurants and full range of foods like spaghetti and hamburgers. Another big characteristic is that you can see the view of harbour everywhere.


Here at you can find the best hotel deal in Sydney. When the night comes, the hotels on the street light up, and it looks like a Beautiful Castle from a distance. There is a wide variety of delicious foods and drinks. The one of the most famous is a dessert named “Pavlova.” The cream is soft and virtually melts on the tongue, and it is served with a red cherry on the top, with a sour and sweet taste. In addition to the cherry, it also has some tasty fresh fruits. At this point, if you have a cocktail, it would be a nice and romantic night.

Travel Fun: Useful Tips To Plan A Last Minute Weekend Holiday

As we all believe that planned vacations are exciting but there’s no doubt that unplanned vacations are full of thrill and joy. Let suppose, how you feel when you are looking for some flight deals in your office and the next day you are sitting on a beachside somewhere else. So for all those impulsive people out, here I am sharing some tips that will help you to plan an unplanned weekend getaway.

Last Minute Weekend Holiday

Be flexible on destination

Be open to options when you are looking for a place to go on a vacation. It can be anywhere. You may get an idea from your friend or from an article or from the social media sites or even from a poster on the roadside. Sometimes a better deal on flights and hotels like promo codes for Last Minute may be convincing too.
In case you are low on budget, plan to go somewhere near your home. It does not make sense to travel faraway places and just spend all the time on travelling, when you are tight on budget. You will not be able to enjoy the trip. So better check out places near you like some place in the nearby city. Last option is to stay in your city itself and explore it from one end to another.

Find good deals

When it comes to a vacation, everyone gets excited. So please don’t show this excitement while making a booking. Check deals for your flight and find affordable hotels at Hotel Reservations. Spend some time on and see which deal is good. A little bit of research will help you to save a lot of money.

There are many websites that provide last minute deals and promo codes, so you can opt for them too. The deals may be on rooms or car rental or some other services. Most of the hotels have the tendency to fill up the inventory at the last moment, so if you look for rooms at that time, you are sure to find some good deals.

Plan a 3 day weekend

Many a time, planning for just two days may not be enough and the whole trip may turn out to be hectic. So better call your office and take a sick leave to enjoy one more day. Moreover, getting an extra day means you will be having a day more to relax that too without any travel. You can even plan some more activities on your trip for that additional day.

Keep it simple

The main motive of a weekend trip is to keep things simple and yet enjoy your holiday. So in case, your trip planning involves just itineraries, luggage, price deals then better stop there. Plan your trip again. Remember that it is a weekend trip and so it should be finalized in a couple of hours.

So follow these tips and escape this weekend for a holiday. Weekend holidays are really amazing but the hard part is to be back on your desk.