6 Festivals to Experience In a Lifetime

Summer has a different taste when it’s enriched with little things that can build up towards fantastic memories with the ones you love. Nights out, days at the pool, concerts or festivals. These are the things that matter in the summer. In fact, my dream life would be to work 9 months a year and the rest to spend it at the beach. I don’t even care where I stay these three months. All I care is to be by the beach, feel the sand under my toes, have my hair smell like the ocean and my skin kissed by the sun.

And festivals are amazing during summer. They just express so much joy, peacefulness and laughter that you cannot but feel great in one of those. There are a bunch of summer festivals that inspire visitors and get the best out of their summer. Here is a short list. Enjoy!

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6. Boryeong Mud Festival this festival takes place in Boryeong, South Korea, in July. How this festival appeared? A cosmetics company from South Korea put together a line of products that included mud from the mud flats existent in Boryeong. Instead of wasting money on ads, they asked people to try out their mud firsthand. What a great idea!

5. Tomorrowland – June is the month when Boom (Belgium) becomes the host of a music festival that gets together over 100,000 people who want to dance and enjoy their nights in a musical atmosphere.

4. Splendour in the Grass – it lasts only three days, but New South Wales becomes invaded by foreigners every July when things get heated.

3. Roskilde Festival – one of the largest music festivals takes place in Roskilde, Denmark every year in July and includes even a naked run for those who are courageous enough to try it.

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2. Garma Festival – in late July – beginning of August, the Northern Territory in Australia is the host of the biggest Indigenous festival in the area. The aim of this festival is to raise awareness over the preservation of indigenous Australian art, culture and knowledge.

1. KaZantip – despite the latest tensions in the Crimean Peninsula, in Ukraine, the KaZantip festival is meant to bring a bit of color in the lives of a distressed people. This festivals begins somewhere in July and it lasts for 6 weeks time in which people can listen to music for more than 20 hours/day.

Take advantage of what summer has to offer all over the world. Isn’t it beautiful?

2 thoughts on “6 Festivals to Experience In a Lifetime

  1. There is something about festivals that just makes you happy and giddy. Maybe it is the music and it is also the collective happiness in the area. It is surely something that must be experienced in a lifetime.

    1. We’re glad to discover that we’re not the only ones thinking like this. Festivals are indeed a source of joy, happiness and relaxation.We should mark as many as possible. Thank you for your comment 🙂

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