22 Reasons to Love the World

Every day we are confronted with complicated decisions. We come in contact with different situations that make us think about our role in this world and the way in which we can contribute to making this earth better. The world needs love and kindness and I must say from personal experience that it is way easier to be antisocial and bitter than to do an act of kindness. Sometimes we might drift from our path of helping others.

This is why we should try to reinforce goodness on us and let ourselves inspired by beautiful people and places. Whenever you feel down read the following reasons to love the world shared by 30 people who have traveled and understood how much the earth loves us. We should do the same!

22 Reasons to Love Your World

1. “Because in Thailand I shared a moment with one of nature’s most majestic creatures.” – Steven Tyler, musician, t: @iamstevent

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2.“Because of the patience, peacefulness and generosity of Hong Kong students, even after they had been tear-gassed and pepper-sprayed by the police. Determined to remain calm and focused, the students offered food and water to everyone at the protest sites and even free hugs and massages.”– Kate Whitehead, BBC Travel contributor, i: @hongkongkate

3. Because even after the Feria of Malaga in August finishes you still get the feeling that the entire world is celebrating. All you’ll experience here is happiness and love no matter where you come from.

Malaga4.“Because I realised in the stark landscape of Tigrai in Ethiopia that you can step inside a church carved out of solid rock and instantly find hushed solitude.”– Finlo Nelson Rohrer, BBC News Magazine editor, t: @finlorohrer

5.“Because I saw the cherry blossoms bloom and fall in Japan, reminding me that  all things—even the most beautiful ones—are impermanent. I can’t think of a better reason to appreciate our world, and do our best to care for it.” —La Carmina, La Carmina

6.“Because there are still places like Cappadocia, where you can start your morning with a hot air balloon ride.” —Christine Amorose, C’est Christine

7. Because nothing compares to sitting on the beach, playing the guitar near a bonfire or simply relaxing under the sun. With NO worries!


8. “Because I randomly ran into my classmate from high school on the top level of  the Eiffel Tower one cool fall afternoon. The world is very big, but it’s also very small.” —Adam Groffman, Travels of Adam

9.“Because there’s just no place that’s like another. Even the town next door is different than the one you just visited!” —Mike Morrison, Mike’s Bliggity Blog

10. “Because I went to the top of the Jungfrau glacier in a helicopter to play tennis with Roger Federer. It was one of the most amazing adventures of my life!– Lindsey Vonn, World Cup ski racer, t: @lindseyvonn

11.”Because in wild and wonderful Papua New Guinea, I took a boat to the base of an active volcano.”– Ian Neubauer, BBC Travel contributor, t: @ian_neubauer

12. Because giving people free hugs on the street might feel weird at first but it brings so much joy after trying it a few times.

free hugs
free hugs

13.“Because the world is filled with beautiful landscapes, positive people, and interesting cultures. Of course there are rough days, but the good almost always outweighs the bad.” —Pamela MacNaughtan, Savoir Faire Abroad

14.“Because traveling to Chiang Mai, Thailand to witness these mama elephants ‘fist bump’ reminds me that connection—be it among elephants or humans—is worth stretching out of your comfort zone to achieve.” —Lanee Lee,Voyage Vixens

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Photo source:

15.“Because in Jackson Hole, Wyoming – my favourite place in the lower 48 United States – I was able to leave work behind and simply play and relax.”– David Chang, chef t: @davidchang

16.“Because whether it’s a pint, a shot, a dram, or a tumbler, knocking back a nice beverage with the locals is a tradition in which you can partake all over the world. No matter what the local language is, a drink means the same thing: friendship and bonding. Cheers!” —Sid Lipsey, Yahoo Travel Contributing Editor

17.Because traveling teaches you that in the end, having a partner in crime makes everything feel better. And growing old with  that someone will give you infinite memories.

A Coruna
A Coruna

18.“Because I’ll never find the end of it.” —Nadine Sykora, Hey Nadine

19.“Because I witnessed days of cloudless, sunny skies atop crystal blue waters edged with breathtaking cliffs while visiting Washington’s San Juan Islands. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see orcas in their natural environment.”- Sam Champion, The Weather Channel anchor, t: @samchampion

20. Because you get to learn where nations started and you feel connected to people who lived hundreds or thousands of years ago.


21.“Because when I got lost on the way to Taipei’s Shilin Night Market, a student offered to help me, and proceeded to ride the subway with me and drop me off at the entrance. The whole endeavor probably took a good hour out of his evening, and it reminded me that people really are inherently good.” —Kelley Ferro, KF Traveler 

22. Because it reminds you that we are all the same, looking for things that can make us feel fulfilled and happy.

Why do YOU love your world?

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