A Day Out in London? 6 Tips to Keep It Cheap

A day out in London is always an enjoyable venture. However, like any capital city, it is also home to some particularly expensive prices. Keeping it cheap can be a tricky task once you’ve totaled up the cost of train tickets, tube tickets and any meals out you may have – not to mention ticketed events. So, if you want to make the most of your time in London but don’t want to return with a transaction list longer than your arm, here are some hacks to save you some pounds.

Book in advance

Whether it’s train, show or exhibition tickets – always book these in advance if you’re looking to save money. Not only can this help you split transactions over two different monthly income payments, but it can also earn you savings. Last-minute tickets for shows at a ticket office will potentially cost you extortionate prices – potentially in the hundreds depending on the position of the seating.

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Enjoy the artwork

London is full of art shows, some of which don’t cost a penny to visit. These will get you into some of Britain’s most famous art museums – and you won’t have to scrimp on the quality of the exhibition. Often, ticketed exhibitions focus on one particular artist, so your free alternative will often showcase a wider variety of artists.

Soak up Southbank

Even if you don’t decide to catch a film at the BMI, enjoy an art exhibition at the Hayward Gallery or watch a performance at the National Theatre, the Southbank is one of the trendiest places to take a walk in London. You’ll find gift shops, cafes, and outdoor book stores to browse through on a stroll through this walk beside the Thames.

Catch the bus

Regardless of whether you have an Oyster card or not, anyone can travel in London using a contactless payment method. All of TFL’s transport services now accept the use of contactless payment methods, which makes life much easier when hopping around. Don’t be put off by the idea of catching a bus; apps like Citymapper can tell you which bus you need and where to catch it – and at a capped rate of £1.50 a ride.

Eat out the clever way

Eating out can get pretty expensive, but everyone enjoys having a meal they didn’t have to cook. For example, you can still enjoy the taste of Chow Mein without having to pay the price of a sit-down restaurant meal. For example, ordering at and eating in the trendy district of Shoreditch will give you an iconic eating out experience at the fraction of the price.

Stay in a hostel

While many people remember the old-fashion hostels they stayed in during their time at secondary or primary school, hostels have come a long way. If you’re looking to save money where you can, then staying in a hostel is one of the easiest ways to do this. Companies such as Wombat’s specialize in clean and modern hostels that feel just as high-end as a hotel.  

In order to save money in London, all it takes a bit of forward planning. Trying to keep an open mind about where you stay and what you do could not only save you money but help you to discover some real gems.

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