A Road Trip around Lyon-France

A Road Trip around Lyon-France
“One of the great things about travel is that you find out how many good, kind people there are.” — Edith Wharton
As part of a complete formation and experience in this direction a road trip around Lyon, France is a must. Located in the eastern-central part of France, this city is famous for its gastronomy, cultural and architectural manifestations that attract tourists from all over the world.
The reasons which lie behind the decision to come to Lyon depend on personal preferences and on the manner in which tourists perceive the breathtaking attractions that transform Lyon into a unique city.

What to Do and See in Lyon?

It’s true that France has a lot of beautiful sights but Lyon is one of those jewels which are left undiscovered by so many people that it is necessary to know more about it.

1. Basilique Notre-Dame de Fourviere – located on the Fourviere Hill, this enchanting basilique rises like a bird above the Saone River. It came to life (1872-1884) after the Franco-Prussian War as a promise made by the people of Lyon to get their city to resist the attacks. Its trademarks belong both to Gothic and Byzantine artistic styles and include magnificent paintings and mosaics.

Photo source: flickr.com

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The Quirkest Restaurants in London

The Quirkest Restaurants in London

Many tourists flock to London each year, but many of them do the same old things. They ride the London eye, they see Buckingham palace, but they don’t go out of their way to stray off the beaten path. London is so much more than the vast array of tourist attractions. In fact, it’s an unusual and quirky place to visit when you really delve deep into it! I thought I’d give you a list of some of the quirkiest restaurants in London, so you can have dinner with a smile!


At Sketch, you have so much to choose from and I’m not just talking about food! Everybody should experience Sketch at least once. You’ll need to make a decision between eating in the fancy Michelin star restaurant, the woodland themed lunch room, the parlour, or the patisserie. Some would definitely describe this place as eccentric!

Les Trois Garcons

This restaurant is in Shoreditch, so you can instantly see why it’s so unique. This place is a true one off; you won’t find anywhere else like it in the world! You might even spot a celeb or two here on a good day. It’s filled with crazy looking objects and even crazier furniture. The food is lovely too!


The interior is something else inside Archipelago. There are plenty of palm trees, colourful peacock feathers, and golden buddhas decorating the interior. That’s not all; the food being served is kangaroo and crocodile. It might feel as if you’re about to do a bushtucker trial, but it’s all surprisingly delicious!


The interactive ordering menu inside Inamo makes it one of the most efficient restaurants you’ll ever go to. Place your order with the menu projected onto the table, choose your own virtual tablecloth, and when you’re done order your ride home. You won’t need to move from your chair! Read more

Planning A Long Weekend In Venice? Here’s How To Get It Right

Planning A Long Weekend In Venice? Here’s How To Get It Right

Venice, the city of love. This ancient city with its famous waterways, amazing food and stunning architecture has something for every traveller. Whether you are newlyweds on your honeymoon or friends exploring for a weekend, you can not fail but to be impressed with this amazing place.

This tiny city is jam packed full of things to do and see. Here’re our three top tips for ensuring you get the most out of your stay if you’ve only got a few days to spend here.

Venice, the city of love

Image Source: Artur Staszewski

  • Accommodation

Taking time researching accommodation before you go can really pay off. You’ve only got a few days to spend here so make sure you are in the centre of the city so you don’t waste time trekking back and forward.

City center hotels do tend to be more expensive, but there are some bargains to be had, particularly if you are travelling out of season. Venice is full of twisty little streets so opting for a hotel on the canal or near one of the Vaporetto stops is a great way to save time trying to navigate to your hotel. If you fancy an authentic experience (and you are arriving in daylight), a hotel off the beaten track will often save you money. Venere hotels is a great place to weigh up all your options.

really experience Venice

Image Source: Roberto Taddeo

  1. Exploring

To really experience Venice you need comfy shoes and time to explore. It’s twisting narrow streets hide a wealth of historic architecture and authentic Venetian restaurants that are a delight just to happen upon. Don’t worry about wasting time, this is how you really see and experience Venice. But ditch the map, it’ll only end up confusing you.

When your feet do get tired take to a gondola. They have a reputation for ripping tourists off, but they are mostly very reasonable and are the best way to see the city from the canals. Make sure you take your ride in the daylight to get the most of it. Venice is beautiful once night falls but you can experience the full effects from the back of the Vaporetto for a fraction of the cost.

Venetian twists

Image Source: Trish Hartmann

  1. Tourist Attractions

No matter how short your trip, you can’t visit Venice without seeing some of the tourist attractions. The Palazzo Ducale, the Opera House and St. Marks Basilica are all essentials but be warned; they do get very crowded.

Don’t waste your precious hours queuing to get a glimpse past someone’s shoulder. Wait until the evening, around five or six, to visit these sights. The crowds will have gone and you will be able to take your time exploring.

The Italian’s are night owls so the evening will be in full swing by the time you have had a good look around the city’s most famous attractions. The food in Venice is authentic Italian cuisine (with some unique Venetian twists, of course) but don’t stop to eat near the tourist attractions. Opt for the local gems hidden away in the twisting alleys. The waiters might not know much English, but the atmosphere will be fantastic, the price will be reasonable and the food will be second to none.

7 Tips and Warnings When Visiting Nice

7 Tips and Warnings When Visiting Nice

Who here likes France?

I must admit that for me France is a peculiar country and that visiting Nice was an interesting experience. Although it bears a large European tradition, France is quite different from any other country I have ever visited. It has a crazy magnetism that draws people towards it and a certain ‘je m’en fiche’ that makes tourists feel free and relaxed.

Nice is a beautiful place located close to the border with Italy. A combination of turquoise sea and rocky mountains welcomes tourists with the promise of an unforgettable vacation.  However, not all that sparkles is gold! Meaning that not all the glamor is in fact as real as people make it seem. What things should you remember when visiting Nice? Take a look at the following tips and warnings.

visiting Nice
Photo source: www.pinterest.com

1. If you travel alone, stay away from areas like Promenade du Paillon, Rue de Belgique, Promenade des Anglais, l’Ariane, Les Moulins, Nice Nord or La Trinite. Or visit these places especially at night if, and I repeat, ONLY if you want to get stalked, followed or harassed.

2. Watch out for pickpockets. They are everywhere, especially in the big crowds or in trams or buses. Pickpockets are very skilled and they can steal your belongings without even noticing. The best tip is to carry the amount of money that you consider appropriate for the day and to stash it somewhere underneath the clothes. Tough times require drastic measures!

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