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Holiday planning: South African Game Reserves

When it comes to planning your holiday, there are so many factors to consider. For one, if you have a family with kids, you need to pick a destination that won’t bore the kids to tears and also finding somewhere that allows you the chance to get away from the stress of work and just relax is vital.

There’s nothing like getting back to nature and that’s why people love visiting the national parks like Kruger National Park or heading off to a Luxury Private Game Reserve for a little fun in the sun. After all, they are part of the many great attractions in sunny South Africa. There are many benefits to both the Kruger and to a luxury private game reserve, but if you’re looking for something a little more personal then a private game reserve is definitely for you. Why? For one, many of the best and most knowledgeable Game Rangers in South African game reserves are at the privately owned lodges and that means they aren’t restricted by park hours. You have more freedom and time to see what you want to see because the rangers can take you where you want to go at a moments notice. It’s time to soak up the African Wilderness, while staying as long as you want on a great sighting or seeing a diverse eco-system unfolding before you!


Look, in the Kruger and other national parks you have a little more privacy because you’re in your own car, but wouldn’t you rather let someone else worry about the driving, someone that knows where the animals love to hang out at all hours of the day and night? Even better, you get to enjoy a view from the top of an Elevated Safari Vehicle that’s been designed to give you an absolutely priceless view!


If you want to see the A-Z of the animal list, places like the Samara Private Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape offers a diverse group of creatures. Everything from Aardvark to Zebra is at your disposal. Sure, the national parks have the Big five, but your chances of sighting one of these majestic beasts is purely up to chance. You’re going on holiday, something that doesn’t happen every day and that means you need to have a wonderful experience that you’ll never forget. So, take advantage of the amazing wildlife that’s right in our backyard, visit a South African game reserve and enjoy something incredible.

You won’t regret it.

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