Food From the World: Sauerbraten

Food From the World: Sauerbraten

We’re going German today! Although the German food might not have the same popularity as the Mexican or Italian one, it does enrich the international cuisine with a few delicacies: the soft brezel, the succulent schnitzel, the yummy apfelstrudel, the consistent wurst or the¬†unforgettable¬†¬†Sauerbraten.

And speaking of Sauerbraten I know all those who love meat will be all ears to hear more about this dish. And I don’t want to let you down, so keep on reading to discover the story of the wonder Sauerbraten and its delicious recipe.

What You Didn’t Know About Sauerbraten

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1. It is made out of beef meat that has been previously marinated in a combination of beer, vinegar and spices (onions, peppercorns, cloves, etc).

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