11 Romanian Foods That You HAVE to Try

11 Romanian Foods That You HAVE to Try

Have you ever tried out Romanian food? If not, you have no idea what you are missing!

It’s true that some of these recipes are not specific to Romania, but to the entire Balkan area. The difference relies on the spices used because each place has its own flavors that change the taste of the food.

Are you curious to discover what the Romanian cuisine has to offer? Take a look at the following list. And remember: you should try these foods prepared by local people. They know all the secrets to preparing traditional food, the way their grandparents used to do it.

Top 11 Romanian foods you simply HAVE to try

1. Sausage rolls – ‘Mici’ – you cannot say Romania without thinking about them. A literal translation would be ‘small ones’ and while they are no bigger than one’s finger they are completely delicious, especially if you eat them with mustard. They are made out of ground pork, ground beef or ground sheep meat, they are spiced up with pepper, paprika or garlic and they are a pure guilty pleasure.

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2. Beef Tripe Soup – ‘Ciorba de burta’– it sounds disgusting, I know, but once you taste it your senses will go haywire. This type of soup is made out of calf stomach cut into small stripes, carrots, cabbage, celery roots, sour cream and/or garlic sauce and vinegar (the last ingredients might vary according to the region of Romania that you visit).

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Food from the World: Sarmale

Food from the World: Sarmale

Traveling and food are two things that we cannot live without. Going abroad,discovering the immense range of opportunities offered by this huge world is a must for all those who want to explore and enrich their personalities. And what better way to do it than to travel around and taste amazing pallets of flavors?

In today’s episode we are dealing with a type of  food called ‘Sarmale’. And we don’t mean to say that they are delicious but if you’ve never tried them you’ve lived for nothing!


Very popular in the Eastern European cuisine, ‘sarma’ has Turkish origins and means ‘wrapped thing.’ In fact this is the process that contributes to its preparation. The most popular versions of this dish are made with grape, cabbage and sometimes chard leaves. These are used to roll a mixture made out of minced meat, rice, onions and spices. The result is boiled for several hours in large clay pot. After cooking they can be served together with sour cream, hot pepper, polenta or smoked meat.

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Taking into account that this type of dish is quite heavy for the stomach, most people serve it at their Christmas meals but also include them in the wedding or funeral menu. In each case, one must have the right energy to party or mourn and the ‘sarmale’  can surely guarantee that.

But I don’t want to keep you boiling for much longer. Find the recipe below and try it at home. It might not be a first successful attempt but I am sure you will get the hang of it. Read more

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