The Banting Diet – Everything You Need To Know About?

The Banting Diet – Everything You Need To Know About?

A diet is described as a rule of thumb for food and drink on medical grounds or to lose weight. Crash diets are well known to most people to lose weight in a very short interval of time. These are not healthy. For the simple reason that you often miss important nutrients in this way because you often eat very little and one-sided. In the banting diet, low carbohydrate is eaten and these carbohydrates mainly come from fruits and vegetables. Eating as nature intended, that’s what this diet is about.

Do we eat people’s food?

The Banting diet is a diet inspired by what our ancestors ate. You can ask yourself whether the modern food we eat and drink is suitable for us. The first people lived 200,000 years ago. These hunter-gatherers mainly ate fruits and vegetables.

It is ‘only’ 12,000 years ago that we started to grow crops. During this agricultural revolution there was no need to wander around in order to search for food. All energy was put into building settlements, growing crops, creating a supply of food and reproduction. Civilization also arose from this agricultural revolution. Nothing wrong with this progress would you think.

At the same time, this changed our way of eating. Our food now consisted mainly of carbohydrates in the form of grains and grain products. In our current society, we can process these grains so easily that our diet has made the shift to eating mainly refined carbohydrates. Read more