Did You Ever Wondered What Would Happen?

Did You Ever Wondered What Would Happen?

“Where do you live?”

“At the intersection of 5th and Avenue…..”

“No, think at a bigger scale. You live on a beautiful planet called Earth.”

“I knew that.”

“But have you ever took the time to actually see your planet; see where you live? If aliens would like to visit your planet, what marketing strategy would you use in order to convince them to come on Earth and not on Jupiter?”

The following video can be a good starting point. Don’t you think?

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Talking Food with a Sprinkle of Wit

Talking Food with a Sprinkle of Wit

The Internet is filled with information that can keep people busy for hundreds of years. The bad thing is that nowadays everyone has access to Internet and can post all the crap that comes to their mind. The good thing in this deal is that if you dig deep enough in this crap you will have the chance to find some interesting things that are worth exploring and sharing.

Siqi Song Video

Like the following video on talking food. No news flash here. We’ve seen a lot of talking food.

But just like with humans, not all those who talk actually say something. The following video includes a very narcissistic cheeseburger in love with meat and  itself, 2 vegetarian pretzels, a chicken obsessed with eggplants, a sausage that loves avocados, a crab that tries to justify a massacre through a wide appetite and a group of hippie strawberries.

This short video created by Siqi Song  and entitled suggestively Food, portrays in a very clever and subtle way different typologies of people. All these believe that their food habits are the right ones while any alternative is not necessarily wrong, but just not for them. Read more