Top 3 Best Cafes in Prague!

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Prague has always been a fantasy city for me. The city that has a bohemian style with picturesque architecture, wonderful lights and a magical appearance that mesmerizes travelers. It gets them hypnotized and it makes them visit all the tiny streets and the huge monuments. And when they’re too tired to walk another inch, it convinces them to step into one of the best cafes in Prague. But which are the best ones?

1). Café Slavia – not only the best but also the most famous café in Prague. It has a long history behind and it has been visited by many artists, writers or dissidents. Vaclav Havel (president of the Czech Republic) used to be a faithful customer before becoming president. While you eat a sandwich, drink some coffee or beer at Slavia Cafe you can also admire the fantastic views of the National Theater, the Charles Bridge and the Castle Hill. They’ll surely get you hooked!

Cafe Slavia
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2). Café Louvre – we might not be in Paris, but you can be sure that you’ll find a diversity of things at this café. Starting from famous visitors like Franz Kafka and Albert Einstein and continuing with the Viennese coffee and the rich menu of hot and cold drinks, desserts and snacks, Café Louvre shouldn’t be missed if you are visiting Prague.

Cafe Louvre
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3). I Need Coffee – you will definitely go in for the coffee and for the tasty sandwiches, kremrole (Czech merengue-filled rolls), ciders and croissants with jams. You will love the design that is a bit minimalistic and relaxing, encouraging you to stay just 5 minutes more. If you get bored while drinking your coffee you can also buy design books, designer glassware and towels.

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You cannot leave Prague without tasting its delicious treats. Trdelnik is a traditional Czech treat that has known diverse modifications in its recipes. From the selection of ingredients to the manner of preparation, this sweet will leave you wishing for more. Below you can find one of the most common recipes.

Dough ingredients

– 2 lbs all-purpose flour

– 5 ounces unsalted butter

– 1/2 cup powdered sugar

– 5 egg yolks

– 1 ounce fresh yeast

– 1/2 cup milk

Frosting ingredients

– 1 cup walnuts (finely chopped)

– 1/2 cup granulated sugar

– 1 egg

How to prepare it?

Start by stiffing into a large mixing bowl the flour and the powdered sugar. Make a small hole in the middle (just like our grandmothers used to make) and place the fresh yeast. Pour the milk over it and let it rise for about 10 minutes.

While you are waiting for that to happen, melt the butter and add the egg yolks into the bowl. Add some salt and mix everything together until you get a firm dough. Let this dough rise for 20-25 minutes in a warm place.

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Then, divide everything into 5 equal parts. Roll each part into 2/3 inch diameter cylindrical pieces. And here comes the complicated part: you have to wrap this dough around a special wooden stick called “trdlo” that was previously greased with butter. Let it stand in the air for ten minutes. Glare everything with the last egg and cover the result with chopped walnuts and granulated sugar.

The best thing to do is wrap the goods in aluminum foil and hang them over hot coals on the grill. Make sure you turn them often and watch the exact moment when they get that golden color. Get them out and sprinkle some chopped nuts or coconut on top. Spoiler alert: they are delicious!

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