Where Are These Photos Taken?

You say you’re a real traveler and that you are passionate about your hobby. But are you really? Let’s see what you can discover about yourself with the following quiz. I have to warn you that it is quite rough and some of the photos are actually difficult to identify.

Guess the Location of the Photos

1. Cambodia vs. Thailand

Clue: The Land of Smiles on New Year

Photo source:

2. Japan vs. Vietnam

Clue: Bamboo forest

Photo source:
Photo source:

3. Shanghai vs. Hong Kong

Clue: Light show on Kowloon Avenue of Stars

Photo source:
Photo source:

4. Rio de Janeiro vs. Vatican City

Clue: Christ the Redeemer is one of the most famous statues in the world.

Photo source:

5. China vs. Peru

Clue: Guilin National Park

Photo source:
Photo source:

6. Chile vs. Australia

Clue: 12 Apostles rock formations

Photo source:

7. France vs. Portugal

Clue: A city in the South close to St. Tropez

Photo source:

8. Dubai vs. Taiwan

Clue: The Taipei 101 Tower

Photo source:

9. New Zealand vs. Norway

Clue: Glacier-carved fiord lands – Milford Sound

Photo source:
Photo source:

Answers: 1. Thailand 2. Japan 3. Hong Kong 4. Rio de Janeiro 5. China 6. Australia 7. France 8. Taiwan 9. New Zealand

How many did you get?

Quiz source: Playbuzz

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