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10 Best Traveling Films You Must See

Traveling is a miracle that we sometimes don’t appreciate the way we should. We take it for granted because it is so easy nowadays to get from one place to the other. But for some traveling still remains a dream due to financial possibilities (impossibilities), health problems or different other issues. Can you substitute the desire to travel in another manner? Can you replacing the feeling you have when you see the world with all its beauty?

While films cannot teleport you, they can give you a glimpse of what awaits for you….. on the other side. This can give you the courage to work for your dreams and actually fulfill your aching desire to travel. Check out our list of 10 traveling films you mustn’t miss.

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10. The Beach – the most beautiful beach in Thailand, a crazy plot and Leonardo DiCaprio. Could you ask for something else? I guess Leo cannot keep away from the water apparently.

9. Into the Wild – it’s the kind of film that shows you how crazy adventure could be and what it means to leave it all behind and go search for yourself. It’s not easy but one thing is for sure: when you reach your destination, you are a different person.

8. Wild – when nothing can heal your wounds, a trip into the wild can make you question your decisions, your behavior and your role on this earth. But it will also bring you peace and the possibility to understand why things don’t always work the way we want them to.

7. Cast Away – another breathtaking story of the relationship between man and nature. Things are different when you are deprived of any technology and you have no idea what to do to survive in the wilderness. And Tom Hanks’ portrayal is simply magnificent.

6. The Art of Travel – sex on a boat? Kissing on the edge of a steep? The director of this movie really knew how to bring out the good part of traveling in a place forgotten by man and conquered by animals and dangers.

5. Que Tan Lejos – a comedy about two women (Esperanza and Tristeza) who start a self-discovery journey along the Ecuador. Will they find what they are desperately looking for or will they reconsider the purpose of their journeys?

4. The Aviator – a film about Howard Hughes and his exploration beyond limits. If you are stressed about flying then I suggest you watch this film. You will love it!

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3. Amelie – there is a small change of scenery here: from the savage atmosphere to the bohemian Paris. But the purpose remains the same: an introspection into one’s soul and the search for meaning.

2. Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona – everything you need to know is in the title: two girls visiting Barcelona and its surrounding, discovering more than what they were searching.

1. Lost in Translation – maybe you’ve felt isolated, cut off or rejected during your traveling experiences. You will find all these feelings conveyed here together with a pretty amazing view of Tokyo.

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