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Stress is the number one cause of our daily misery. This can take different forms and can appear when you are frustrated about your job, about your partner who doesn’t appear to know what stress is, about your kids who seem to be doing everything in the world to annoy you and so on and so forth.

And aside of the fact that it can cause anxiety, heart, liver and neurological diseases, stress also makes us ugly. A stressed person has a darker aura, is always upset and never smiles. Life is too damn short to spend it as slaves of misery. So fighting stress through different means is essential. The foods you ingest are the first step to a better life!

Why Introduce These Foods that Fight Stress into Your Diet

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1. Dark chocolate – aside for the obvious reasons, dark chocolate is rich in flavonoids and phenethylamine, substances that relax the body and enhance the mood. In addition to this, dark chocolate contains magnesium, a complex that helps the body fight against fatigue, stress and irritability. If you want to go for the good stuff choose the bars that have more than 70% cacao because they are healthier and they bring in healthier substances.

2. Avocados – these are fruits that offer your body the proper armor against stress. They contain glutathione, lutein, beta-carotene, vitamin E and folate. While they are all important, the glutathione has a bigger role in blocking the absorption of the fats that can cause damage to the body. The avocado’s versatility in cooking allows you to add them to different types of foods (sandwiches, salads, meat, etc.).

3. Brown rice – rich in vitamin B, brown rice can help your tissues, cells and organs remain healthy. This vitamin stabilizes the reactions that take place in the brain, immunity and cardiac functioning. With a regular intake of vitamin B, the body will be able to cope with stress and various mood disorders.

4. Green tea – this type of tea is definitely the king of beneficial drinks. This contains caffeine and theanine giving your body the right buzz in the morning while protecting it from various types of cancer. It enhances the mental performance and it keeps you sharp and optimistic. Of course, for the latter one you also have to contribute a bit!

5. Blueberries – these little treats contain antioxidants (anthocyanin) that can stimulate cognition. In addition to this, they contain vitamin C which is very useful in combating stress and keeping the body relaxed and energized at the same time.

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6. Walnuts – these little miracles contain alpha-linolenic acid. This is an omega-3 fatty acid that can fight against memory loss. In addition to this, they can lower the blood pressure, a great thing for those who experience adrenaline episodes  due to stress.

7. Spinach – this vegetable is rich in vitamins (A,B, C) and minerals (calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus). All these work together in order to reduce the stress hormones existent in your body and calm you down.

8. Almonds – depression and anxiety can also be caused by a deficiency of selenium. And what type of nuts give us selenium? As you’ve probably guessed, almonds are rich in magnesium, vitamin E, zinc and….. selenium. These substances can easily boost your immune system and improve your general mood.

9. Cottage-cheese – both cottage cheese and skimmed milk can provide the daily intake of protein and calcium necessary for a healthy nervous system. These substances can help the body handle stress better and as a plus they make the cottage cheese super delicious!!

10. Chamomile tea – and last but not least, it’s the teatime that makes us want to relax and ask for an extra cup. According to various studies conducted by Universities in Pennsylvania and Maryland, chamomile can reduce anxiety and support the body in dealing with stressful events.

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Believe it or not, remaining healthy is easy. You just have to wish it and introduce these foods that fight stress into your diet!

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