Baking cookies often works soothing and additional benefit is that the kitchen all day smells delicious. Unfortunately, that blissful feeling short-lived. Have you done your best? But this time your cookies after a day got though and not as crisp as before. What went wrong? How can you make really the best crispy cookies? Read on free dieting recipes for 10 golden tips!

Tip 1. Good packing

Pack the cookies when they are completely cooled out. If you do not, the condensation will limp cookies. For this, you should keep cookies in a glass or metal container or in a plastic container because it is claimed that the cookies remain crispy.

Tip 2. Do not use too much flour

When rolling out the dough, it is important not to use too much flour. It may just be that the dough really sticks to the workbench or the roller. At such a moment it is even better if you lay the dough here in the cold than using extra flour to avoid sticking. Why? Too much use of flour makes biscuits tough.

Not soft coockie

Tip 3. Do not Replace the ingredients

It sounds logical that the ingredients contained should not be changed or replace. You might not believe but, margarine instead of butter, brown sugar instead of granulated sugar or baking soda instead of baking soda seems harmless. Nevertheless, your cookies looks completely different from the oven. A thin, to a floating or just a thick, such cookie is obviously a disappointment if you’ve been in the kitchen all afternoon.

Tip 4. Know your oven

Every oven is different. A cookie is usually baked at a temperature of about 170 ° C, but that does not necessarily mean that. In that, the furnace is the only way to find out at what temperature you can set the best, by a lot of baking.

Tip 5. Stop mixing as all the ingredients are incorporated

When making the dough for cookies, it is important that you mix until everything is incorporated. Then do not interfere because the cookie will become tough and that’s not the intention.

Tip 6. Roll the dough evenly

The bakery almost always use a rolling machine, so that the dough – literally – have the right thickness anywhere in a snap. When you make cookies at home, you obviously have such a machine. Try it for sure that you evenly roll out the dough with a rolling pin. Otherwise you’ll notice that one cookie is cooked and crispy, while the other cookie is undercooked and light in color.

Tip 7. Use proper sugar

Want your cookies crunchy as Royal Danisa? Use white sugar. If you use brown sugar, cookie will be just tougher and „more humid”. A good example is the chocolate chip cookie. This is a cookie often not much crispy. If you look at the ingredients in most cases also a part of the white sugar is replaced by brown sugar.

Tip 8. Keep different types of cookies separately


Make sure you cookie is softer and chewy. Do not keep the same drum as crunchy biscuits. The moisture content of a soft biscuit can have a detrimental effect on all the crispy cookie. This also has to do with tip 6, for a biscuit is soft and not cooked, the same applies.

Tip 9. Make them cookies crisp!

The cookies you’ve baked only not as crisp as before? Place them back on the baking sheet and bake for about 5 minutes at 150 ° C.

Tip 10. Freeze dough.

Cookie dough can be easily freeze and or 3 months shelf life! The advantage is that you always have dough in house and can bake cookies at any time. Whether business or get one yourself suddenly have a huge craving for; fresh and crisp from the oven cookies are always the tastiest.

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