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Jet lag – two words that provoke horror among travelers.

No matter how much we love to travel there is always something that gets us thinking ‘I’m too old for this… stuff.’ Jet lag is a pretty serious example especially when you are not prepared for it or when you don’t know how to recover from the terrible symptoms that accompany this experience.

Being an optimistic person myself I often say that things will turn out great and in the end ‘how bad can it be?’  But until you don’t live a certain experience yourself you cannot know how bad or good it is. However you can search and read some information related to overcoming or avoiding jet lag.

Precious Tips on How to Overcome and Avoid Jet Lag

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1. Adjust – before you venture into the world make sure you are ready for it. A few days before your flight try to change your sleeping and eating habits. Bring them closer to the ones you will have when you reach your destination. Once you’re there it will be easier to adjust to the local time and you won’t walk around half asleep.

2. Daylight – choose flights that will get you to your destination on daylight. This will make it easier for you to remain awake and to adapt to a new schedule.

3. Coffee – it is true that coffee is supposed to keep you awake and help you cope with this transition period. But it is better if 12 hours before or during flight you don’t overreact with coffee and food. Too much caffeine can make you wake up more often once you fall asleep and it reduces the amount of sleep you get.

4. Sleeping pills – avoid using them because they can cause more damage than you thought. At landing you will feel sleepy and dizzy. Combine this is a good jet lag and you’ve got yourself a ‘walking dead’ situation.

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5. Remain hydrated – it is a good idea to drink water even if you don’t feel thirsty. Keeping your body hydrated is a necessity especially when you travel by air. Make sure you have close to you moisturizing lotions and even essential oils for your face.

6.  Sunlight – try to stay in the sun as much as possible. Sunlight has never hurt anyone, except those who were out partying all night. Choose a seat by the window while you’re in a plane and after you land walk a bit outside. This will keep your blood moving and prevent that nasty jet lag.

7. Sleeping – after you’ve reached your destination don’t immediately go to sleep. This will disrupt your sleeping schedule and it will make it harder for you to get some rest. If you are very tired get a short nap (20 minutes) and then go out and visit around. You will surely rest better during the night!

8. Melatonin – this element might also represent a solution to your problems. According to recent studies, this hormone is used by the body to set its time clock. Thus, taking a few miligrams of melatonin before bedtime prior to your departure can help you ease the transition.

9. Set your watch – setting your watch when you get on the plane might help you prepare yourself psychologically. But make sure you don’t do this way before your flight or you might risk missing your appointments. .

10. Alcohol – avoid drinking alcohol while you are on a plane. It is a known fact that alcohol dehydrates. This is the last thing you want while you are traveling from one place to the other for several hours.

Follow these tips if you want to protect yourself from jet lag. And if you have any other tips don’t be shy and share them with us. Don’t forget: sharing is caring!

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