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10 Tips To Avoid Weight Gain While Traveling

Weight gain while traveling for leisure or business is something common. It happens because you tend to opt for unhealthy food choices and skip your general exercise routine. In some cases, it is hard to find healthy eats at your destination or you simply fall for the yummy temptations served at the buffet. But is it possible to come back home without carrying those extra pounds on your body? Yes, it absolutely is, provided that you stick to a certain diet and exercise rules while vacationing. Here are some tips to avoid weight gain and stay fit while you travel.

1. Choose the right place to stay

A smart traveler does a fair bit of research to find a good resort or hotel to stay. Check online to find the menu they serve and choose a place that caters low-calorie, healthy meals for weight watchers. Ensure that the local market is nearby so that you can walk down the street to explore some healthy dining options. Buy fresh fruits and veggies for munch time.


2. Make smart swaps

When dining out, communicate your nutritional requirements to the waiter or chef and ask them to give you healthy swaps. For example, you can tell them to dress your salad with olive oil rather than mayonnaise. Ditch cola for fresh lime water, and ice cream for fruit yogurt. This will cut down the extra fats and calories without depriving your taste buds.

3. Avoid skipping meals

Skipping meals during a holiday is common because you may lose track of time. But this is not something that you should be really happy about from the weight loss point of view. In fact, it can have just the opposite effect as you may end up eating more and calorie-dense food in the next meal.

4. Carry healthy snacking options

The most common culprit that causes weight gain while traveling is the heavy, oily snacks that tempt you. As an alternative, pack some light and healthy snacking options from home. It could be a healthy trail mix, flaxseeds, almonds, walnuts, and low-sugar protein bars. These snacks keep you satiated and high on energy without piling up calories.

5. Consider sticking to a diet plan

An easy-to-follow diet plan can make a great travel companion if you want to stay fit while traveling. HCG diet plan is a good option because it comprises of diet drops in addition to the low-calorie plan. While it is simple and easy to follow, the plan ensures that you look amazingly trim as well as shed kilos even on a holiday. Confused if HCG drops work? Yes, they do work and give miraculous results!

6. Stay hydrated

While a lot has been said about eating healthy while you travel, you should pay attention to drinking plenty of water as well. Long flights and road trips can dehydrate you because of the tendency to skip liquids to save toilet trips. Plus, the hours outside in the sun can also be dehydrating. Drinking plenty of water keeps you healthy and hydrated as well as curbs your appetite.

7. Eat smaller portions

Another tip to prevent weight gain while vacationing is to stick to smaller servings. Restaurant portions are huge, so order a quarter or half of a dish where they serve this way. You can even split the meal with your spouse or travel partner to avoid overeating. Eat sparingly at the buffet because extra food can result in an accumulation of pounds around your tummy.

8. Drink sparingly

Besides watching what you eat, be careful about your drinks too. Alcoholic drinks may appear tempting but remember that too many may push the weighing scales in the wrong direction. Even if you do have to do, pick the skinnier drinks that are low on the calorie count.

9. Stay active

Watching what you eat and how much you eat is not the only way to keep your weight in check. Physical activity matters a lot when it comes to keeping fit. Take the stairs instead of the elevator and walk to the nearby locations rather than taking a taxi. You can even try some yoga positions or start your day with a brisk walk.

10. Avail hotel facilities

Hotels usually have gyms, swimming pools and saunas for their guests. Instead of lying down in your room, avail of these facilities. A daily workout in the gym, a tennis match or a swim will do a lot of good to your fitness routine and you may even come back a few pounds lighter.

These simple yet smart weight control rules help you travel smart and be in shape even when you come back home. So the next time you plan a holiday or work trip, be sure to follow this checklist.