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When you prepare for departure on a new land, you need to organize and make a list with all the things that you might need in case of trouble. But you have to do this without taking up a lot of space, getting a huge load and ruining your entire trip. In order to avoid this, you need the following travel accessories that promise to make your life easier. Trust me. You will not be able to live without them!

10 Best Travel Accessories

10. International SIM card – this card costs $5 and works on unlocked phones. Those who want to send unlimited texts and communicate through WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat or Viber can use this card to talk to people from over 150 countries. And in exchange of a fee, you can also send videos, photos or voice messages.

9. Stretch laces airport security is always a problem because you have to move as fast as possible. These laces can make your shoes extremely flexible and transform the airport experience into a better one.

8. Inflatable hangers – you don’t have to steal hangers from hotel rooms anymore. The inflatable hangers can be used with wet and dry garments and are extremely simple to use.

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7. Portable rain hood you won’t have to fear rain anymore. If you have this portable rain hood, every coat can become a rain coat.

6. Cocktail kit you have no idea how hard a traveling experience can be. So when things get rough, get out your cocktail kit and start boozing. No excuse!

5. The spice shelf even when you are away from home you can still bring back your mother’s cooking flavor by carrying some spices with you.

4. Underwear pouch – fit up to 6 undies here in a stylish and discreet manner. This pouch also has a compartment for worn underwear so you’re all covered.

3. Portable charger – it’s small, it fits into your wallet and it has a built-in lighting cable. Cool or not?

2. Phone case for SIM cards technology should make our lives easier. This phone case can finally contribute to this.

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1. Compression sack with compartments – a sack is perfect for when you want to fit lots of things into a tiny thing. But this makes things harder to find. This sack has five compartments so you’ll know where to find everything you need.

Which one do you think it’s vital when traveling?

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