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Few people can honestly say they are crazy about studying. While its contribution to one’s professional destiny is without a doubt extremely important, studying also implies a lot of discipline and the proper environment or materials to do it right. And nothing takes care of these elements better than studying abroad.

Those who have experience in this field know that studying abroad is the best thing you can do as a student. According to some research done by the International Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, the number of international students from the entire world rose from 0.8 million (1975) to 3.7 million (2009). And students don’t stop here. Each year the number of students who travel rises with 12% according to the Unesco’s Institute for Statistics.

There are plenty of advantages that can motivate and even change the life trajectory of a person who studies abroad. You don’t believe it? Here are 12 reasons that might convince you to cross the boundaries and just go.

12 Reasons to Study Abroad

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1. You will experience another culture firsthand and develop a deeper understanding of what it means to interact with people that look like you but think completely different.

2. You will learn a new language straight from natives and you will be forced to speak it thing which will bring you a great satisfaction.

3. You will get the chance to travel to places you have never been before and which are maybe harder to access from your home country.

4. Traveling gets you the best friends you have ever had. People bond while traveling and they are more willing to meet new people while waiting for a delayed flight, going through a 20 hours bus trip or a 4 day cruise.

5. You get to become more independent. You will probably call your mother at 11 pm to ask her how much salt you should put in the water you are boiling for pasta but you will find ways to keep yourself full (or at least with some food in the stomach). And after you wash the clothes for the first time and get multicolored socks you learn a thing or two about living on your own.

6. You are privileged. Not many people can brag with the fact that they can take a few months or even a year off their life to travel the world, learn new things and experience unique moments.

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7. Studying abroad can help you make contacts that will be of great use further on in your career or in your professional development.

8. You will experience a different educational system than the one in your country. For me this was a big plus because the lectures at my host university were more entertaining and they focused on personal opinion rather than quoting from the classics.

9. Your resume will be enhanced by an experience abroad and interviewers will see this as a plus and put you higher on the list of potential employees.

10. You will boost your self-confidence and you will manage to handle a crisis with more calm and optimism. Believe me: the life of an international student is never boring!

11. You can meet your partner while abroad, discover true love and live happily ever after.

12. After a period of time people put you in a box and label you in a certain direction. While traveling and studying abroad you can be whoever you want to be and search your soul in finding the right you.

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What other reason would you add? Make your own list and share it with us! I dare you!

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