13 Awesome Places to Visit before You’re 30

What do you think about the idea of doing something before you’re 30?

Personally I don’t think you need a certain reason or to be threatened by a certain age to travel but I do believe some things need to be done while you’re young. You won’t have the same flexibility and ability to bounce back from a hangover when you’re 30. Believe me!

Your 20s should be your craziest years, partying until the break of dawn, catching the sunrise after visiting all the clubs in the area, loving wildly and fearlessly, living for the moment, building unique stories (some of which will never catch the light of day because those will be only for you ;)).

Every experience has its moment and you owe it to yourself to love, live and enjoy your 20s. These might be the best years of your life. Make them count by visiting these 13 amazing places. I think I hear ‘bucket list’ bells!

13 Fantastic Places to Visit before Your 30s

1. The Pamukkale Hotsprings, Turkey – translated as the ‘cotton castle’ this unique site is located in the South of Turkey. It features hot calcium waters that spring from the earth forming a magnificent view.

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2. Amsterdam, The Netherlands – aside from the sense of liberty that most people feel when visiting Amsterdam, this has so much more to offer: beautiful nature and prestigious educational institutions. I know education and Amsterdam don’t seem to go together but I can assure you the result is positive!

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3. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – visiting Rio during the carnival would surely enrich you wild spirit. This is one of the craziest parties in the world and almost every year it creates ¼ million jobs, generating over £400 million for bars, hotels and restaurants. And the shows are amazing!

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4. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia – this is the world’s biggest salt flat and surprisingly enough it features 80 species of migrating birds (3 species of flamingos) and lots of chemical metals (sodium, magnesium , potassium).

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5. Marbella, Spain – Marbella is one of the most exclusive places in Spain offering entertainment for both princes and sheiks but also for those traveling there on a budget. Sip a Martini on Nikki Beach and you’ll think you’re in heaven.

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6. Berlin, Germany – with a controversial history and a cosmopolitan atmosphere, Berlin can offer you some of the best clubs in the world. Whether you are in it for the wild partying or for a night out chilling, Berlin is the place to do it.

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7. Whitsunday Island, Australia – this is one of those beaches that makes you pinch yourself while you’re there. You will be unable to believe how breathtaking and peaceful it is. And one more thing I simply adore when it comes to Australia is the delicious food. You mustn’t miss it!

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8. Athens, Greece – if you haven’t been to Athens, in a bouzoukia, in your 20s you’ve missed out on a lot. These are the most popular places to party in Greece and they can surely offer you a sample of how Greeks like to live it up.

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9. Pyramids of Giza, Egypt – after so much partying you deserve a spiritual immersion. The pyramids represent a huge mystery even in today’s day and age when people have become specialists at deciphering them. But did you know that  the mortar used has an unknown origin and after dozens of analysis, scientists still didn’t manage to reproduce the composition?

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10. Dingle Peninsula, Ireland – this peninsula is located in the westernmost point in Ireland and it has some of the most beautiful sea-cliffs, sandy beaches and the cutest sea life ever seen.

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11. Icehotel, Sweden – this is actually an ice hotel that gets rebuilt every single year and that offers its clients the possibility to get married right in its ice chapel. How cool is that?

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12. Havana, Cuba – if you want to visit a place where time seems to stand still and where people enjoy life more than anything, visit Havana. With a Mojito in your hands and a Cuban cigar in your mouth all your problems will disappear.

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13. This last position is for you to fill in. What place would you love to visit before turning the controversial age of 30?

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