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Chile is one of those exotic locations that one must visit in a lifetime. It is located between the Pacific and the Andes and it is known by some as the longest country. It might be 180 km wide but its coastline is 4,300 km long. Due to its great waters Chile is one of the biggest exporters of salmon, dethroning US in the 2000s.

Another interesting thing about Chile is the fact that it owns the record for longest dry spells in the Atacama Desert (here it didn’t rain for 40 years!!!). Hot city indeed! If you want to discover more about Chile, the things and places that you must visit here, keep on reading!

15 Things and Places You Must See in Chile

1.Parque Nacional Torres del Paine – this is the most amazing park in southern Chile which attracts thousands of visitors mesmerized by beautiful mountains, lakes, rivers and glaciers.

2.Los Pingüinos Natural Monument – this is the largest penguin colony in southern Chile and it hosts approximately 120,000 penguins from the Magellanic species.During the months of September and October the birds migrate in order to find their pair and by the end of March they return to the sea.

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3.Churches in Chiloe – this region is famous for its gorgeous wooden churches which rise from the heart of this tiny village.

4.Valparaiso – you can find this one on the Pacific coast of central Chile and it is famous for the colored houses and the bohemian seaside views.

5.Valle de la Luna – you can find this natural jewelry in the Atacama Desert. After centuries of floods and winds on stone and sand, this beauty came to life. The name comes from the stone formations and from the sand dunes that look like the surface of the moon.

6.Laguna Verde – these amazing waters are surrounded by huge active volcanoes that create incredible landscapes.The hot springs by the lake will definitely relax visitors and create an amazing atmosphere.

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7.La Serena – this is one of the hottest beaches in Chile. White sands on one side, the old city on the other side, La Serena is an example of unique combinations that make inhabitants extremely happy.

8.Pucón – this is a small town that is often preferred by tourists because of the amazing volcano and the lake with clear waters that turn it into the most popular attraction in Chile. Visitors can also select lots of recreational activities and sports (snow and water skiing, kayaking, horseback riding and rafting). The fun part is guaranteed!

9.Pablo Neruda – the brilliant Nobel-Prize winner is Chile’s hottest poet. All fans can visit his three houses: La Sebastiana in Valparaíso, La Chascona in Santiago and the museum on Isla Negra.

10.Wine tasting in the Rapel Valley – this is the region with the best winemakers. If you are ever around try visiting the following wineries: Lapostolle, Montgras, Casa Silva and Montes. If you don’t like to wander around you can participate in one of the hundreds of guided tours that take place in the region.

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11.The sky in the night – there is no view like the one of the sky in northern Chile. This is extremely transparent and you can benefit from the most romantic view when exploring it. You can visit the observatory at the Elqui Valley’s Cerro Mamalluca for a unique experience.

12.Easter Island – this is an isolated island that is located somewhere in the southeastern region of the Pacific Ocean. This island has 887 monumental statues that have the name of moai and they were created by the Rapanui people. The reason why this island is not very popular is because it has been protected by the abusive intrusion of tourists. But the ones who are lucky enough to get there can enjoy sandy beaches and great diving experiences.

13.San Rafael Glacier – this huge glacier can be accessed by plane or boat. The journey up to there is a real spectacle because you have to go through narrow channels while you admire the end of the glacier.

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14.Patagonia in Chile – this region includes both parts of Argentina and Chile. If you want to experience the real deal then go to Magallanes, Tierra del Fuego and Última Esperanza. Here you will find tiny villages, islands inhabited by penguins and unbelievable landscapes.

15.Rodeos – if you are interested in checking out a crazy rodeo and the way in which horsemen know to ride their horses then you should definitely assist at one of the rodeos in the Central Valley.

Make a list and start the adventure!

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