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It is extremely fashionable nowadays to have a traveling blog. You get to share your experiences with others, you get to see the world and to grow influenced by nature and practical learning. If you are lucky enough, you might actually get your blog to expand and make money out of your travels in order to fund more travels.

At first I didn’t think this is possible. But it actually is. There are quite a few websites that discovered the secret of traveling and want to share their raw and personal experiences with others. And those who enjoy this can either support traveling bloggers through constant visits that generate an extra income or through direct donations. It seems pretty unbelievable but it is true. Take these three examples. These people travel for a leaving and report everything to people like me and you.

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  1. Nomadic Matt – Matt is  the kind of guy that will help you learn how to travel more by spending less.  He’s the author of the best seller How to Travel the World on $50 a Day and he has been traveling since 2006. The funny thing about Matt is that he was not born with an insatiable desire to travel. But as it happens with lots of people, after his first vacation abroad, he was infected. He got the traveling bug. I’m sure we’ve all experienced it at some point in our lives. The bug that doesn’t allow you to come back to your „before” life; the moment you keep wondering: how was it that I am incapable of doing this now when I used to do it so well? If you wake up one day and discover that you too have the bug, then let Matt teach you how to travel without selling a kidney or another vital organ.
  2. Kiersten – The Blonde Abroad – something like Legally Blonde, but not so much. Kiersten comes from California and just like Matt she used to have a boring job that didn’t allow a lot of traveling time. So she decided to make some time and began wandering the world. So far she’s been to 40 countries (Bolivia, Australia, Belgium, Iceland, Sweden, Mexico, Peru, etc.) and she doesn’t want to stop here. She loves swimming, diving, cycling, sailing, snowboarding and she has a lot of interesting tips to give travelers.
  3. The Savvy Backpacker –  last but not least, we have a team showing people how to see the world. A husband (James) and a wife (Susan) are working together in order to help future travelers plan their trips to Europe. They are both from Missouri and they fell in love with Europe. Before their first trip to Europe they did a lot of research, preparing for the unexpected. They didn’t find a lot of information in this field so they decided to be the first ones to provide quality information for this purpose. Check their website and see if they nailed it!

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