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30 Day Core Workout for Moms with Lindsay Brin

Price: $34.99
(as of Mar 17,2021 00:03:03 UTC – Details)

Many busy moms feel helpless when it comes to their fitness plan either because they do not know what exercises are right for them or they just do not have the time to squeeze in the sessions. 30 Day Core for Moms: You will get five different workouts, each one lasting just 20-28 min. Your abs will be loaded differently each day. And since abs should not be done everyday our 30 Day Calendar provides the just the right amount! Can you carve 25 min, 5 days a week, out of your busy mom schedule? I know you are the family brain and the last thing you want to do is figure out how to be healthy and fit. So let me provide the Blueprint you provide the commitment. Barefoot Core Focus Workout 28 min
We will focus on the core while tightening up the total body using all muscle groups. Because the more muscles recruited, the more calories burned. The Cardio Core Workout 30 min
The perfect combination to melt fat and work the waistline. It s fun, fast paced, and gets lightening-speed results. The Cardio Torch Workout 28 min
Pure cardio to maximize calorie burn. Train your heart with Aerobic and Anaerobic exercises. 360° Core & Flexibility 27 min
20 minutes of pure Abs followed by a feel good stretch to lengthen your muscles and improve your posture. The Shred Workout 25 min
We will strengthen your entire body without loading the abs because abs should not be done everyday. Whether you are a seasoned gym bunny or have never worked out before, you will enjoy these workouts! 30 day Calendar
You will workout 5 days a week for less than 30 minutes. Perfectly sequenced so your abs are not loaded everyday. Mix n Match Meal Plan
Choose from Gluten Free, Clean Eats, Simple Eats, Classics, Seafood, 5 ingredients or less, Meatless and much, much more! All to streamline weight loss. A note from Lindsay B: Please note that this program is not for those with diastasis recti (abdominal separation somewhat common after pregnancy). Moms Into Fitness strives to provide workouts for every mom, in every fitness level. But there are some important traditional exercises like planks, push-ups, back exercises, etc. that can make the separation worse. And when developing and researching this program we decided not to eliminate some of these key exercises. If you have been diagnosed with this condition, please use Lindsay Brin s Postnatal SlimDown complete with Diastasis Recti modifier.