With a constant struggle to get out of managing between the daily chores and accomplishing your work targets, it seems almost impossible to escape the monotonous life. It would be igniting the fire to start off a discussion, how much we all dread to go for a relaxing vacation, to take a break and rest in a luxurious hotel or resort.  

Everybody has a different perception of a relaxing holiday. For some, it is drenching themselves into the sun while lying on an exotic beach resort away from life anxieties and stresses; while others might travel in a group tour to enjoy new destinations, filled with adventures and fun. Irrespective of whether you are planning to go on a holiday with family, self-break, or a city escape, you ought to select a place that describes best to your perception of relaxation. The best bet for a relaxing and luxurious holiday tour would be to select, a luxurious resort having some of the most exotic spas.

Wellness sector is one of the most dynamic, recent and trending one; if we talk about businesses, especially in the hotel businesses. People have become more aware and conscious of themselves in terms of their health (mental and physical). Holistic wellness and rejuvenation experiences are a new trend that is not only limited to the hotels and spa but spreading around aggressively in the societies and local communities. However, a greater number of hotel businesses are shifting towards Wellness Hotel services; providing on-site facilities and services boosting the overall wellness experience within their hotel premises.

This is the reason the majority of hotels around the world are increasingly investing in this direction. People are traveling more for a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday experience, at some luxurious Resort with spa for a more restful period away from the hustle-bustle of daily life. Travel savvy people not only dig deep to find the most suitable resort and spa, but also comfortable living, you can check out their rooms online. You can scroll through few of the sites, providing 360-degree view through the ambience and layout.

If you want to make your trip a memorable and relaxing one, below are some of the amazing and useful tips for you to make it so:

1. Book at least 60 days in advance:  

According to research by Lonely Planet, wellness tourism is the fastest-growing travel sector making it to a 500-billion-dollar market. Wellness hotel and resort’s rapidly growing market has made greater people search through the impressive wellness spa hotels all over the world. Wellness tourism has an explosive prospect market since 2011, as stated in a book published by a global wellness institute. This is the reason that at least a 60-day prior booking should be made, in order to have your preferred room/ suite within the luxurious resort. Prior booking saves you from a lot of disappointments at the end. Such types of resorts are highly in demand and mostly completely booked during peak season. 60 days are enough of the time gap between your arrival and the booking date. This will also ensure that you are offered the best of the packages, that are all-inclusive and provides all hotel service facilities, for you to enjoy and relax.

2.  Pack comfortable yet trendy:

As you plan and embark on a holiday trip to a luxurious hotel with holistic wellness and rejuvenation experience; the toughest and most important part of smart packing plays a great role in having a memorable and relaxing trip. What to pack including is the most crucial part of embarking on a trip. You would have done enough research on the climate and weather, before making an itinerary, leaving you well aware of the type of clothing that you would require. Here are few of the clothing tips that you ought to consider before you pack your bags:

  1. Do not forget the sunblock of at least SPF 50 factor, if you are going for a resort at beaches or any place as a matter of fact.
  2. Comfortable footwear like sneakers. Ladies can keep their formal heel shoes only if they intend to have a formal dinner date night. However, if the sole purpose of your getaway is to have a relaxing time, you should not bother carrying those heeled stilettos.
  3. Keep comfortable clothing, as a holiday trip is all about unfolding and experiencing new things. Do consider what types of activities you plan to cover, and be prepared for it in terms of dressing. (IMPORTANT: Do not forget to keep a sexy swimsuit or two!)
  4. If you are traveling with kids you must carry extra clothing for yourself and the kids.

3.   Meet Hotel Concierge:

A relaxing and memorable smooth holiday is all about the great experience. The hotel concierge is there to guide you and help you to have a smooth stay. Do not hesitate to introduce yourself and build good terms with them. They are the key people to guide you through any inside information, or the happenings in and around your hotel. You can also ask them for any special occasion or moment that you might be celebrating at this Resort and Spa. They would go out of the way to make your day extra special and memorable. Whether you are on your honeymoon or just on a getaway with your family, resorts provide excessive ways of rest and relaxation usually with an exotic ambiance and beautiful backdrop.

4.  Familiarize yourself with the Menu:

Nothing is worse than staying at a resort paying a hefty amount, to find out that you will have to go with a great struggle in finding menu items that suit your pallet. Many hotels provide a list of available restaurants and their menu list on their websites. If this is not the case, you can always call the hotel to request their menu items mailed to you directly for a better choice. However, you do not find anything interesting in their menu, you can call them ahead of time to make a special request for the type of food that you prefer and they might be able to offer. This can only be possible if they have plenty of time available to accommodate your special request. As a thumb rule, you should look into what kind of appliances are available in your home prior to your booking, should you need them.

5.  Leave your baggage of worries behind:

Remember, you are going on a relaxing trip to enjoy the luxury of a resort and spa, it is vital to leave behind all your worries and negativity in your life. While you are there, make the best out of your trip. Enjoy every moment. Some of the best moments in our life come out of unplanned agenda changes so learn to go with the flow. This is what the vacation is all about.

Ready, Jet, Set & Go

Now that you are all prepared and set to go, remember to carry the excitement, laughter, and positive vibes as you embark on your luxury trip. The above five amazing tips would surely set you to sail smooth and enjoy thoroughly, rejuvenating your spirits and physical self in the way more than what you have ever imagined. Bon, voyage!

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