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Love goes through the stomach, just like many other things. But while we can live on love for a couple of days we can’t go far without a consistent meal accompanied by a tasty wine. Actually there is no point in doing so honestly because of the vast selection of gourmet choices that can exalt one’s taste buds.

Of course, when the right selection is made you are bound to feel in 7th heaven and congratulate yourself for the amazing decision you have made. However, if the pairing or matching is not done accordingly then you might suffer more than you think. Therefore, a bit of research before the beginning of a meal will do you a world of good.

Like these examples of wine and food matching. Exquisite I would say!

Learn How to Match Wine and Foods

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1. Sauvignon – if you need a partner for cheese, asparagus or multiple herbs, you have found it. This type of wine is one of the most versatile ever and its tangy qualities make it perfect for soft cheese (goat cheese), asparagus, shellfish (clams, lobster) and even certain types of meat like pork sausages, cutting some of their natural fat. And last but not least it also makes a great impression with herbs like dill, mint, tarragon or lemon grass. These highlight the sweet and fruity side of the wine.

2. Pinot Noir – everyone knows this one: red goes with red, so it’s no surprise that this type of wine goes well with a red meat. Although you might also want to bring it to the dates that include sea bass, monkfish and tuna. But if meat is your deal then you should go for a succulent pheasant, a plump grouse or a juicy lamb chop topped with some nice foie gras.

3. Champagne – I know I am not distancing myself a lot from the Pinot Noir but its taste is just so mesmeric that you would want it in your food selection. Champagne, like most sparkly foods are made out of two types of grapes:Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. While the first one is full and rich in taste, the second one is a bit more elegant and light. But both types go great with seafood (caviar, lobsters, oysters, salmon or scallops) and with buttered chicken or red meat.

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4. Grenache – your fruity wine is here. It’s true: this wine is all about fruit: black berries, cherries, plums, etc. You name it and this Grenache wine can make it happen. The best match for it is the food that has full flavors: red meat, pepper, mushrooms, light meat and citurs sauces.

5. Chardonnay – and the list ends with another popular selection that has the ability of covering a varied selection of flavors. Those dishes containing smoked fish can go perfect with a big glass of Chardonnay, while flavored birds (guinea fowl, pheasant) can emphasize the sweet acidity of this wine. Seafood is also a good choice in terms of wine picking: unsmoked fish, monkfish, red snapper, octopus, lobster, Cornish crab or even oysters. And even if it might sound surprising, Chardonnay also works well with egg dishes or cress sandwiches.

Regardless of your pick, don’t forget that a meal without wine is wasted. Wine has amazing properties over the human body if it is consumed in regular but small doses. Do you have a favorite?

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