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5 Reasons to Take a Road Trip in Australia

Imagine smooth and endless roads winding across some of the most diverse environments on the planet. Cruising from tranquil outback to bustling cities, choosing between laid-back golden beaches and mysterious red mountains. This is what awaits you on your very own Australian road trip. It’s a life-changing experience that every traveler should have on their bucket list. Still not convinced to hit the road down under? Here are five more reasons that will blow your doubts away!

  1. Australia is a land of freedom!

When you say “road trip”, what you’re actually saying is “freedom”. Lust for carefree wandering is the number one reason for undertaking this kind of traveling—and there’s no better place for this than Australia. Unlike many other countries, in Australia you can practice free camping (observing some basic rules, of course). There are tons of free camping sites concentrated in and around the most interesting national parks and stunning beaches. You basically get the most convenient and gorgeous accommodation FREE OF CHARGE! You’re also sure to meet plenty of other like-minded nomads who will share their enthusiasm with you and make your experience even more enriching. Combine this all with a welcoming climate, reasonable prices, and great safety record and you’re sure to have one of the coolest road trips out there.

  1. Hiring car in Australia is a breeze

Australia will mesmerize you with its wild beauty and remoteness. At the same time, Australia is also very modern and organized. Planning an effective Australian itinerary is very easy and you will find all you need online. There’s are tons of companies offering rental services, so if you’re looking for a car or van hire in Melbourne, Sydney, or even remote Perth, arranging everything will take a quick search and just a couple of minutes. Australians are generally very scrupulous and courteous entrepreneurs, and their customers are treated with respect. Don’t be daunted by hidden fees and fraudulent damage claims you’ve experienced elsewhere. Renting a car in Australia will let you enjoy your holiday without disappointments and setbacks.     


  1. You will love driving around Australia

Australia has a vast and modern network of maintained and reasonably safe roads. You won’t need five paper maps and three GPS systems to navigate, nor do you need to be an overly experienced driver to stay on the safe side here. Clear roundabouts and traffic lights won’t let you get lost on the intersections. Frequent road signs will help you keep track of your current position and the remaining distance. You can also spot some of local specialties here —like the famous yellow road sign warning drivers about kangaroos!

  1. With car, nothing’s ever too far away

Driving is undoubtedly the most convenient solution for exploring this beautiful country. Your options are almost limitless and each direction is well worth the journey. You can head east along the beautiful Kosciusko, Alpine, and Blue Mountains National Parks. They will keep you company all the way to magnificent Sydney. Or go west and explore the Adelaide area on your way to the deserts of South Australia. Brisbane, Perth, Alice Springs and even the famous Ayers Rock are also easily accessible once you have your four wheels on command. The biggest island in the world might actually become your holiday playground.

  1. Explore the world’s most scenic roads

Once you’ve decided to take a road trip in Australia, you don’t really have to overthink it. This country has some of the most spectacular routes in the world just waiting to be explored. Check out The Great Ocean Road—it will take you along breathtaking cliffs and vistas off the Australian coast. Or do The Big Lap, a great circle around Australia which is on the bucket lists of all Australian adventurers. You might also consider the magnificent Savannah road, taking you all the way from the Queensland through the Northern Territory to Western Australia. In the end, whichever route you choose, prepare to have the time of your life!