5 Secrets to Getting the Perfect Smoothie

Smoothies are the perfect drinks for summer because they contain minerals, vitamins and they pack a huge bubble of energy that is released exactly when you need it the most. Like any other recipes, smoothies need to respect some basic rules that help them come out all wonderfully delicious.

Don’t get scared! I’m not talking about absurd rules that will leave you toothless if you forget to respect them. However, I do think that these secrets will make the difference between a fantastic smoothie that actually tastes like nature, and an artificial one, enriched with various supplements.

Top 5 Smoothie Secrets

Secret no.1

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Wash it, baby! If you are lucky enough to buy your products from the local market, then you will only have to worry about the soil or the bacteria that exist all over the place. If not, remember that the ones bought from supermarkets might also contain pesticide residue, dust or God knows what other things. Therefore, make sure you wash the products you will use for your smoothie before you use them (washing them in advance may lead to rotting). You can use a mixture of 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar and 1 tablespoon of baking soda to wash the fruit or vegetable, rinsing afterwards with cold water.

Secret no.2

Choose wisely! Always try to use locally grown vegetables, fruits or herbs that are in season in order to show support to the local community and to make sure that all the richness of taste and flavors goes in your cup. Whether you choose berries, apples, leafy greens, apples, kiwis, peaches, celery or grapes, make sure you buy them from someone who didn’t filled the up with synthetic pesticides or used genetic modifications in order to make them grow faster and bigger.

Secret no.3

There is an order to things. God said liquids should come into the container first. Then come the solid ingredients that will be blended easier due to the preexisting liquid. After this you can add powders (cacao, acai, berries, etc.) and cover them with soft ingredients (cucumber, banana, avocado). This will prevent the lid from turning into a rainbow when you turn on the blender. Then you can add the hard ingredients (vegetables or frozen fruits) and the ice.

Secret no.4

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Variety is the key to a unique taste. I’m usually afraid of changes and new combinations. But trying to mix flavors and textures might turn out to be beneficial for your health. Choose to add purees (apricot, pear, avocado), applesauce or pumpkin butter for extra taste. They will enrich your smoothies and give them the right kick.

Secret no. 5

Freeze! It’s true that having fresh fruits and vegetables is the most important thing. However, this is not always possible. Therefore, freezing your products is the key to having the perfect smoothie. The frozen fruit will thicken your smoothie and it will give you the opportunity to enjoy delicious smoothies all year long. Not to mention the money you will save when you won’t have to buy fruits in extra-season.

2 thoughts on “5 Secrets to Getting the Perfect Smoothie

  1. I always thought that smoothies are easy to do but that’s until you get a smoothie that’s not so smooth. I also tried combining fruits that doesn’t really go together.

    1. That’s why it is important to know some of the secrets that would get you the smoothest drink ever. It’s true that not all fruits go together, but it is important to experiment in order to get the best smoothie that will delight your senses. Don’t you think?

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