5 Signs of Good Pizza

In spite of multi-chain pizza companies like Domino’s and Pizza Hut trying to convince us that everything they make is the standard for pizza itself, it’s not really true. As a food connoisseur or enthusiast, you should look for more than just the brand name while buying pizza or deciding whether or not the slice you’ve enjoyed was a good one. So, without further delay, let’s discuss the five signs of a pizza well made.


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Italian Origin

Now, this one is a controversial point since it is a known fact that Americans love the type of pizza which was actually developed in America and not Italy, but make no mistake about the fact that pizza is an Italian dish. While there is nothing that restricts an Asian cook from making the best pizza in the world, an Italian origin usually means that the place probably has a few well-guarded recipes up its sleeve and they likely have years of experience making the stuff.

The Presence of a Conventional Pizza Oven

In order for the crust to be crisp and the cheese to melt in with the meat and vegetables, pizza needs to be cooked or reheated in a conventional pizza oven. Not that other types of ovens don’t work, it’s just that a CPO works best and any place that is using it, knows about the oven’s importance in making good pizza.

They Should Ideally be Selling by the Slice

Most authentic pizza joints will sell their stuff by the slice, so if that’s not the case at a restaurant, you might want to ask them why. It isn’t necessarily a sign that their pizza is bad, but it can be! After all, nobody should have to get stuck with a whole pizza if you don’t like the taste after the first bite, but if the joint is not keen upon giving you that option, they may not be that confident about the quality of their food.

Thin Crust is Better in Most Cases

Americans generally prefer a thin crust and if you are looking for an American style pizza, then you should always choose that. In fact, a place that mentions that they sell American pizzas but have left a choice in between thick and thin crust in the menu may not be the best place to buy pizza from at all.

Heating Technique

Pizza is best enjoyed when it’s hot out of the oven and in order to make sure that’s always the case, good pizza shops ensure that all the slices are waiting for order at an almost-cooked state instead of being fully-cooked. What this does is that instead of heating cold pizza and serving it to the customers, the cook simply finishes the little bit of cooking left and serves the slices hot and fresh like it should be served. You will know the difference in taste after your first bite.

The next time you are looking for pizza places in Bend Oregon, be sure to take note of the points shared. Keep an open mind though, because some pizza places do have an odd tendency to surprise you in both good and bad ways!

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