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The holidays frenzy is still going strong even though Christmas is almost over. But the best part is not over yet! There is still the big exciting party taking place on New Year’s Eve. Usually this day asks for a wild celebration or a city break somewhere afar.

But where can you find city breaks now? There are just 5 days left until New Year’s Eve and finding a good last minute deal sounds risky and definitely not something you’ve been planning for a few months now. But if you are willing to take the risk then you can surely find an attractive offer to suit your needs.

5 Sites with NYE Last Minute Deals

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Last Minute

This is one of the most famous websites that comes with last minute deals for flights, holidays, hotels, city breaks, cars, spa, theatre, restaurants, entertainment, spa or cottages. It definitely is worth taking a look at this site!


For this website, the last deals go all around the United States and are available for vacations, airfare, restaurants, spas, entertainment, car rentals or vacations. Another great option is the fact that you can compare two or more hotel rates in order to discover the one that is better and cheaper.


This is the marketplace where one can find the best deals on lift tickets for New Year’s day. Offers starting as low as $9.99 for one day lift ticket await those who are in the mood for a perfect winter holiday.

The Aurora Zone

There is still room for those who want to visit the Swedish Lapland at Sörbyn Lodge, Luleå. Here they will enjoy various activities like snowmobiling, husky sledding and of course a great New Year’s feast. If you decide to leave on December 31st you will have to pay around £1,625pp (full board, flights, 4 nights accommodation and ice fishing).

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Last but not least, Skyscanner is the place where you can find great deals to Europe. For instance a flight from Luton to Amsterdam goes around £167 and a two nights hotel room costs around £270. The prices might be a little steep but if you want to remember this party forever you pay up the big bucks!

Don’t miss the opportunity to snatch one of these offers and enjoy the best New Year’s of you life! You never know what this magical night might bring!

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