Welcome and wonderfully rich in culture, Ireland, „Emerald Isle” is sure to add a shine to your eyes. You will love the easy-going and open-minded people. Relaxed posture; Often tragic yet fascinating story; And its rough, romantic landscape. It is „a land of saints and scholars” that wins more Nobel Prize for Literature than any other country in the world. In addition, the city of Dublin was named a UNESCO City of Literature in 2010.

Tourist spots and attractions for tourists are plentiful and endlessly diverse. The state museums are all free, the heritage sites are prehistoric, and there are tons of outdoor opportunities across the country such as horseback riding, golf, sailing, and many remote, wild islands to explore. And of course there is the famous Irish „madness” (good times) that you can enjoy anywhere.

Discover all the things to do in this incredibly charming country with our list of the top tourist attractions in Ireland.

1. Cliffs of Moher

So many superlatives have been used to describe the magnificent rocks of the Moher that it is difficult to find the right words. The spirit for dizzying and impressive springtime, and they really are both, as well as completely wild and uncivilized. For those who have read before visiting the Emerald Island, the rocks are well known and feature prominently, as they do in countless postcards and travel guides. It’s Ireland’s most visited natural attraction, and for good reason.

The Cliffs of Moher

The Cliffs of Moher

About an hour and a half drive from Galway in neighboring County Clare, the rocks are seen by nearly a million people from around the world each year. It’s one of the most popular day trips from Dublin. They stretch for eight kilometers along the Atlantic and reach 214 meters at their highest point. Walk the trail to experience the raw power of your most majestic nature.

2. Grafton Street, Dublin

Grafton Street is more than just a great place to shop in Dublin. There are lots of buses, flower sellers and performance artists here. You can also find tons of places to stop and just look at the world member. The culture of the cafés in the Cital has ended and on a sunny day you will be forgiven for having been to Barcelona or Lisbon.

Grafton Street, Dublin

Grafton Street, Dublin

While it’s the heartbeat of Dublin shopping, there is no need to spend a fortune when you go on a trip. You’ll find a friendly gossip service wherever you are and can be entertained from the street to the top of St. Stephen’s Green. Treat yourself to a morning coffee or a fantastic full Irish breakfast at Bewley’s Grafton Street Café. Over time, you will see the ducks on many roads and trails for you to explore.

3. Killarney National Park and Muckross House & Garden

When visiting the Kerry region, muckross houses, gardens, and traditional farms from the 19th century are located in magnificent Kilneri National Park that should be high on your list.

Located on the shores of Lake Muckross, one of the three Killernecki Lakes is known worldwide for its size and beauty. This former mansion reflects the size and grandeur of days gone by. As you search, keep in mind that Queen Victoria was here once. In those days the royal journey was no small feat; Extensive renovation and landing work was carried out in preparation, and no opportunity remained.

Killarney National Park and Muckross House & Gardens

Killarney National Park and Muckross House & Gardens

The house and garden are a real treat, and the Jaunting Cars (Killarney’s famous horse and door) are there to show you around the grounds in style. The old farm of attraction is also worth a taste of how ordinary people once lived.

Killarney National Park and the lake area are full of beautiful scenery, and every route through them is visible after a glance at the lakes and mountains. One attraction in the western part of Killarney National Park is a seven-mile drive above the scenic G of Dunlow, a narrow and rocky mountain carved by glaciers near the Ice Age. This g separates the Purple Mount and its extensions from the McGillicuddy stench.

Another major attraction in this national heritage is Ross Castle. Winding streets and bike paths are some of the best ways to see the park.

Address: Killarney National Park, Macross, Killarney, Co. Kerry

4th Book of Culls and Trinity College, Dublin

Ireland’s oldest university, Trinity College in Dublin, is one of the country’s ancient treasures. Founded by Queen Elizabeth I in 1592, the Trinity is a world within.

As soon as you step in the gates and cross Cobblestone, something outside of the modern, thriving city seems to melt. A journey through the age of walking on and around the field and into the world of scientific activity. Many shop and office workers wear their lunch sandwiches during the summer months just to avoid the hustle and bustle outside.

The Book of Kells and Trinity College, Dublin

The Book of Kells and Trinity College, Dublin

The college is famous for its priceless treasures. These include the impressive Book of Books (on the permanent exhibition) and the hilarious long room (the library’s inspiration in the first Harry Potter film).

Address: Trinity College, College Green, Dublin 2

5. Kilmainham Gaol, Dublin

Featured in many rebellious songs and having a notoriously dark place in Irish history, Kilmainham Gaul is high on Dublin’s list of the best spots for those interested in Ireland’s tumultuous past. required. This is where the leaders of the 1916 rebellion were brought in and, after being convicted of high treason, killed in the prison yard. The only spared was the future Irish President Aiman ​​de Valera, who did not suffer the same fate because of his American citizenship.

Kilmainham Gaol, Dublin

Kilmainham Gaol, Dublin

The 1796 prison was a civilian establishment that charged such crimes as they could not pay their train ticket and were hungry, destitute and hungry. In Irish eyes, Kilmainham has become an irreplaceable symbol of oppression and oppression.

The journey here will open your eyes and be with you. The aforementioned courtyard is especially creepy. In short, it’s one of Ireland’s absolute must-haves.

Address: Inchicore Road, Dublin 8


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