5 Types of Travelers in the Ebola Era

If the Ebola virus were a person I would rate it as an upcoming singer (you know, like those young girls that have a song on the radio and believe they should start acting as divas) but with Madonna’s popularity. And while some of us actually like listening to Madonna, I don’t think there are people who enjoy even talking about Ebola.

The hysteria marks are more prominent especially in airports or on planes. Who wouldn’t feel a bit paranoid at 30,000 feet, forced to share the same location with a bunch of unknown people? Check out 5 types of travelers who appeared as a consequence of the Ebola hysteria.

How the Ebola Virus is Stronger Than You Thought

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At the threat of danger people transform and all the actions they take are related to self-preservation. Of course, every person has a unique way of manifesting their stress, fear and frustration. The following 5 types of travelers that are likely to be met during flights have been bitten by the Ebola threat and act accordingly.

1. The teaser – a couple of years ago saying the word ‘bomb’ would have been the key to missing your flight and getting arrested. Nowadays, Ebola is. If you want to joke about this you have all the chances in the world to be tossed out the plane and tested for a disease that you hopefully don’t have. And if you’re lucky enough, you’ll only get arrested after this. If we are to choose between Ebola and jail, I think everyone would choose the latter.

2. The fatalist – since Ebola started becoming a ‘real issue’ for those outside of Africa, everyone’s afraid of presenting symptoms. Acting with precaution is one thing, being a fatalist is a whole different thing. In this case, the tricky question is: what’s the first thing on your mind when you sit next to a person who starts vomiting?

3. The rational – trying to find an explication to everything is the rationalist’s way to remain calm. They get information, ask around and seek to form an opinion regarding the virus epidemic that has spread around the world. Frankly, it seems like a better display of emotions. The alternative would be freaking out and spreading misunderstood information.

4. The know-it- all – the former mentioned rationalist can easily become a ‘know-it-all’ danger. After watching a bit of Dr. Oz or House they all have the misconception that they are capable of diagnosing a disease  just by looking at a person. This is the moment when you realize how much influence these Hollywood guys have.

5. The prepared one – if we’re going to war, we should at least do it with all our weapons. Wipes, masks, three sets of clothes and a lot of antibacterial soap are just some of the things that can be found on and around a person of this type. Everyone’s doing what they can, so don’t take it personally.

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The Ebola virus is by no means a whim or a mild issue. It is real, dangerous and scary. But we have to face it and take care of ourselves and others in the best way we know how.  Whether it is with protective suits or a bit of laughter. Have you met any other types of ‘Ebola travelers?’


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