A holiday is not just about visiting amazing destinations but also relishing the flavors they offer. If you are a true foodie, Spain is one of the best countries to enjoy a holiday. The country is well-known for its Mediterranean cuisine and regional specialties. There is so much that it offers to travelers who want to experiment with food. If you are planning to explore the best culinary delights that Spain has to offer, we can help. Here are the places that you should visit during your trip.


The capital city of Spain is an interesting hangout for eating and drinking. The city is home to various cuisines from across the country. Plus, it has a long list of restaurants that will spoil you for choice. Check out the roast suckling pig and cocido madrilène stew as these are the best that Madrid offers. Bocadillo de calamares is another must-have if you are holidaying in this amazing city.

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Don’t forget to add Valencia to your bucket list if you want to experience the best of the country’s cuisine. This is the birthplace of paella, the famous dish made with rice, white and green beans, meat, snails and saffron. The city is also renowned for Agua de Valencia, a drink made by mixing vodka, gin, cava and orange juice. A perfect place if you want to taste the best in food and drink!


The city of Barcelona is next on the list of ultimate food destinations in Spain. Beyond just serving the delightful food, it is also renowned for the best holiday rentals in Spain. Once you are settled, you can walk down the city streets and explore the options. The city markets offer fresh local produce that you can choose to cook yourself. Or you can have freshly made treats at a tapas bar stall. The chocolate shops and Granja make Barcelona a haven for chocolate lovers. The signature dish of the city is calçots, green onion served with romesco sauce.

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If you appreciate fine food and drinks, Seville is the best place for you. Try the famous ibérico ham along with a glass of fino sherry to experience the true taste of Spain. There is a variety of free tapas dishes that you can explore in the bars of Seville. The city has so much to offer that you would want to visit it every time you are on a Spanish holiday!

San Sebastian

Another Spanish city that every food lover must check out is San Sebastian. You have a host of options here, from humble pintxos to three-star Michelin restaurants. The best part is that all of them serve quality cuisine. They serve delicious Basque dishes such as hearty stews, salt cod, and Idiazabal cheese, along with the famed Txakoli wine. Food is prepared using fresh local produce that enhances the flavors manifold.

If a Spanish holiday is on the cards for you, do include these wonderful cities in your itinerary. You will surely have a holiday that delights your taste buds.

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