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The days when you and your map were best friends are now gone. Technology has evolved in such a magnificent manner that you no longer have to worry about losing or tearing up your map. No! Now you have traveling apps-amazing applications that can take you even in the darkest corners of the world with the press of a button. But which are the best ones that offer the coolest and must useful features?

It’s hard to reach such a conclusion without testing some of the most popular applications personally. That was a while ago. Now, you can take this decision without trying all the applications in the world. You can read a top like let’s say the following top 5 and analyze them in order to see which one suits your needs better.

Top 5 New Traveling Apps

1. Worldmate – it sounds more like a dating app but in fact it is a program which takes into account the needs of business travelers. It offers information related to booking, flight schedules,hotels or car rental services. In addition to this it can help the users build a business travel itinerary and make an effective schedule for business meetings. I feel it’s almost not important to talk about the other features included in this app: maps, word clocks, weather details, messaging programs like Outlook or LinkedIn, hotel booking functions and a sort of community-like characteristic which allows users to share information in their groups.

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2. CityMaps2Go – this is a great app that can be stored on the handset and it has a huge advantage: it allows you to explore a new location even when you are offline. Users can download up to 5 free maps or can choose to upgrade to the pro version for the price of £1.99. With this option the downloading process is unlimited. Its sibling for Apple devices is Pocket Earth Pro which has the same price as the previously mentioned pro version.

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3. The Entertainer – this app is your reliable buddy when you need to travel well and cheap. It’s hard to have both isn’t it? Well with this coupon app nothing is impossible. In its earlier times, this was a book of coupons that was sold particularly in bookshops. Now, since everything has become part of an advanced technology this book made the mobile device its new home. The app includes 23 cities and recently it was launched in Hong Kong with Gentlemen’s Tonic (barbershop) and French Window (restaurant) as its partners. The Entertainer can cover various locations like restaurants, hairdressers, hotels, etc. that have buy-one-get-one-free discounts. All you have to do is show the app with the discount you want and get your product. How cool is that?

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4. Google Flights – this is an app that should be included into your list of sites because it can help you search for good flights. With this free application you can search for one-way or round trips and multi-city flights but the downside to this is that you have to link to a different site in order to make the purchase. But the good thing is that the app can help you check the real price of a flight and whether or not you can choose days with better prices. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

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5. Photosynt – as a bonus that can enhance your traveling spirit,Photosynt is the app that can help you take 3D and 360-degree photos. This way your memories will remain as fresh as when they first happened and you can show them to your grandchildren in a couple of years from now. This app is the key to perfect photos that can be taken from left to right, up and down and which can be stuck together in order to create a 360-degree angle of the surroundings. And when you are done capturing unique moments you can share them on social media. Simple and practical!

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Which app do you like more and which one do you think it’s more useful?

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