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6 Essential for Travelling with Companion Dogs

If you are a good parent and planning to go for a trip coming weekend, you must have considered whether or not you are going to take you dog with you? Not matter whether you are planning to go 2 blocks always from your home or a different city. Leaving you furry companion behind with a pet sitter will occupy space in your mind that a part of your heart is dependent on someone else for care. However, taking your four legged family member with you can make vocation more fun for everyone.  No matter whether you are a parent of Pomeranian or slobbery Labrador travelling with your dog is completely possible by proper planning and patience.


Plan Ahead:

If you are planning to go out of country, check for country’s pet entry requirements to avoid any unwanted situation. Some countries require vet certificates to be signed by USDA vet. Therefore, do not wait till last minutes to get the documents as certification may take time.

Emergencies can occur anytime, always take your pets latest vaccination documents with you. You may face a situation where you may require these records while visiting a vet.


Do not let your furry partner roam around freely on streets of a new city. Always take a sturdy leash and collar for your dog while roaming around the street. This decreases the chance of your dog getting away from you. In addition to this, to increase the chances of recovery attach identification tag with his collar that contains his name, your name and your current contact number if he gets lost. Also bring a recent photo of your dog along with you.

Food and Drink:

As we humans want to eat amazing food while our trip so our pets too. Do not forget to keep your pet’s favorite food as much will be required for the trip. Keeping a little extra food can help you from avoid fuzz of finding food of same brand at a new place if it ends. Secondly, hopefully you will not be in mood to spoil you trip by getting your pet’s stomach upset by feeding him on some other food. In addition to this if you are going for a short trip keep a water bottle with you filled with water that Fido drinks or always use bottled water for him.


Fun Stuff:

Animals usually get anxious while travelling. The easiest way to keep them calm is to bring their already known and engaging stuff. The known smell of their stuff helps you to calm their anxiousness. In addition to this chew toys can help them relieve their stress. However interactive toys will keep them engaged when you will be busy with your stuff.


First Aid Kit:

One more never to forget stuff is first aid kit. You can buy a readily available first aid kit for your pet but if you are preparing a one on your own try to incorporate tweezers, antiseptic moist wipes, surgical tape, gauze and bandages in your pet’s first aid kit.

Pet Carrier:

Try to find a suitable pet carrier for your dog in which he or she can standup, turn around and lay down comfortably. Taking a pet carrier will not only help in carrying him but will also save you some space as you can keep carrier down your feet.


Author Bio:

Wendy Shore is a parent of two amazing dogs. She is very enthusiastic about pet health and welfare in general. She regularly blogs at