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You would think that everyone of us knows what you should and should not do with this warm weather. Firstly complain that it’s hot, forget to do sunscreen, and then whining that. But if you want seriously want to get in shape, and then it’s the right time to double your efforts and boost your metabolism to reach your targets. These are the six basic tips to train yourself in high temperature.


Tip 1

Drink! This tropical temperature can get all prone to heat exhaustion. You know the feeling, „If I go for one more step, I’ll die.” We also live in a country which is damn hot and therefore your sweat remains on your body. This means that it does not evaporate quickly. So drink plenty of water especially during and after exercises. But Watermelon is your great friend! You can get that essential moisture from fruits only.

Tip 2

Hottest time to Exercise

Slow down! If you are accustomed to override yourself completely with running or a hit and want to be kind to your body then train down a peg! Your heart and lungs work overtime during this hot weather. Nothing wrong with that to train more aware and safer, if you’re an outdoor athlete or sportsman and few of your exercise equipment and accessories are placed in a chilled room, then it is preferred to perform without AC. Check this article

Tip 3

Avoid the hottest time! Work out early in the morning or late in the evening when the weather cools down. If you still want to train in the middle of the day because your instagram account to be filled with pictures, then do really Baywatch and train in the water!


Knee Sleeves

Customize your clothes! Jeans and T-shirt are DO NOT. If you really want to lose those last kilos in this weather, you can not train under your casual jeans and t-shirts. The only thing you need to wear in this nice weather are light colored, loose and airy clothes. Tight tops that retains heat. Make sure to perform to workouts with gloves, wrist strap, and knee sleeves! Knee injuries are a major problem in sports and sports medicine around the world. Therefore, choosing the best knee sleeves will help you to avoid pain but also increases blood flow during workouts. Find can find best quality knee sleeves at

Tip 5

Snack! Wet snack and no dry snacks. As mentioned earlier, eat fruit! Or nibble some vegetables away. Heavy meals are hard in hot weather but vegetables should be easy right?

Tip 6

Train in! Can you train indoor with a good (low) temperature? Its great if you train-in to get the most output of your workout without overheat. Listen to your body, because even though if you do workout outside in high temperature, you may need to suffer from following due to overheating;

  • Weakness
  • Light headedness
  • Dizziness
  • Bleaching of the skin
  • Headache
  • Muscle cramps
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Rapid heartbeat

Don’t be stubborn and take care of yourself and go inside! You can also read more useful information at

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