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6 Tips To Finding Cheap Flights

As the travelers that we pretend to be, we do enjoy finding cheap flights to the destinations of our hearts. Now honestly, who would say ‘no thank you’ to a great offer? Not me that’s for sure!

But it truly is mighty hard to get a good deal on a flight taking into account that you also have to pay luggage taxes, seat taxes, breathing taxes, etc. Did you know that according to some statistics done by the US Bureau of Transportation, in 2011 the airlines made around $3.3 billion just from baggage fees? It almost makes you want to send your luggage back home by mail.

But leaving all frustration away, how do you find cheap flights that can guarantee you are left with enough money to party? Check out these simple but efficient tips!

6 Easy Tips on Finding Cheap Flights

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1. Travel on a Wednesday – I know: it’s the middle of the week, you still have things to do. But, if you want to travel cheap you must sacrifice. According to the domestic travel flights are the cheapest on Wednesday. This means that you will get more free seats, better supplies and cheaper prices.

2. Fly to secondary airports – it might not make you feel like an ‘important’ person but it will help you save money. These are normally the cheapest airports because they charge smaller landing fees. Thus, your flights will cost less. Have you noticed how instead of going to Amsterdam you can go to Eindhoven which is cheaper? Or that instead of LAX you can choose Long Beach when flying to LA?

3. Loyalty is repaid – if you have to fly often why not become an elite member of an airline? It is either this or using your credit card if it is linked to the airline. If you prove your loyalty you are repaid with travel gift cards or extra miles. It is worth a shot!

4. Fly in the morning – some people hate morning flights because they seriously cut into one’s sleeping schedule. But others love them because they offer the monumental view of the sky at sunrise and because they are cheaper. Besides mornings, the next cheapest flights are during or after lunch and around dinner time.

5. Use programs – FlightFox is one of those programs that do the hard work for you. This checks specific demands that cannot be verified by a computer and identifies the best deals in terms of cheap flights. The only catch is that it costs $29 (that are refundable if you are not satisfied). Go get it!

6. The 24-hour rule – After booking make sure you check the prices of the airfare. If they’ve fallen call the airline and cancel your flight. In most cases you can rebook the same flight without being penalized.

These tips are simple and can be done by everyone. So start testing them and get cheap flights without haggling too much.

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And if you have kids don’t be afraid to bring them with you. Traveling with kids can have a lot of advantages. What do you say?