Wrinkled clothing is one of the downsides of traveling. After a long flight, the last thing you’ll want to do is pull out an iron to tackle crinkled items before hitting the beach, going for dinner, or attending a business meeting.

If you want to spend more of your vacation exploring a destination and less time smoothing out various tops, shorts, or shirts, you must look for ways to keep the items wrinkle-free. Check out these six tips to prevent wrinkled clothing when traveling.

  1. Choose Fabrics Wisely

The clothing fabric you choose will determine its susceptibility to wrinkles. If you’re packing a linen or rayon dress or shirt, you can almost guarantee it will develop crinkles in your luggage. Unless you’re packing a travel iron in a suitcase, choose fabrics that are less likely to crease, such as:

  • Nylon
  • Polyester
  • Lycra
  • Merino wool
  • Denim
  • Blended fabrics, such as 60/40 cotton/polyester

2. Roll Your Clothing

Decrease the likelihood of wrinkles by rolling clothes before placing them in your suitcase. Start by placing garments less likely to crumple in the middle of your luggage, such as jumpers and jackets. If an item is likely to crinkle and crease during travel, position it toward the outside of the case, as it will have more space to prevent stubborn folds.

The Wrinkle-Free Travel Clothes You Need to Pack

3. Pack Clothes on Hangers

If you have the space available in your suitcase, pack your clothes on hangers, as they are less likely to crease. Also, it will save you time once you arrive at a destination, as your outfits are ready to be hung in a closet after you arrive at your accommodation.

Prevent items from becoming loose in a case by investing in quality hangers specifically made for each garment type. For example, you can visit for various plastic hanger types, such as top, shirt, outerwear suit, and bottom hangers.

4. Use Tissue Paper

If wrinkles are a major annoyance when traveling, fold your tops, shirts, or pants with tissue paper, which should be placed between each item in your luggage. It will prevent crumpling in a case, as it minimizes friction between garments that can cause unnecessary wrinkles.

5. Pack Light

Overstuffing your suitcase will push your clothes together, which will cause crinkles to form. Minimize wrinkles by packing as light as possible to give your clothes more room to breathe in your luggage. Avoid the temptation to double up on clothing items, as you might need to pull out a travel iron as soon as you arrive at your destination.

6. Hang Your Clothing at Your Destination

Don’t allow your clothing to sit in your suitcase during a vacation or business trip. Hang the items in a closet as soon as you arrive. If you don’t have an iron at your accommodation, hang the garments in the bathroom as you take a hot shower.

You can freshen up after the journey while steaming your clothes to decrease wrinkles. Once your shower is over, run your hand along each garment to smooth any wrinkles. Pretend your hand is like an iron and repeat the action repeatedly using some pressure.

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