6 Tips to Stay Safe While Travelling Alone

As exciting as it can be, travelling alone involves more risks than travelling with a group. However, it is not like a woman or man cannot travel alone just because they have lesser knowledge of the other country. With the great technology today, you do not have to worry about locations and any other piece of information you need about a place.

All you need are a few safety measures to ensure a completely safe and enjoyable trip. Want to know what those tips are? Read through and thank me later!


  1. The Basic Guidelines

Even when you are travelling within the country or just going for your work in the morning, it involves an extent of risk as well. It is just that we are used to it and more confident in defending ourselves. That is the same approach you have to adopt when you travel abroad too. You just have to follow the same safety measures you take back at home such as:

  • Do not walk alone in the deserted and shady places.
  • Be informed about the area you are staying in and if there is any danger you need beware of.
  • Do not come out as a Richie rich with all gadgets, expensive jewelry and the like.
  • You should know a few moves for self-defense.
  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  1. Additional Safety Measures

To add to your safety, it is always good to be extra careful and aware of the possibilities that can get you in any sort of trouble. Therefore here are some safety measures that will keep the worst possibilities at bay too:

  • Do not dress up as per your culture. Instead, try to look like a local.
  • Take a hotel room on a higher floor, away from the sight of passersby.
  • Do not utter your room number loudly to be overheard by someone and do not bring a stranger to the hotel room.
  • Leave a note in your hotel room that has all the information about where and with whom you are going out and when you will be back.
  1. Car Safety Measures

If you are going alone on a road trip, it is essential that you know how to fix your car and have all the tools with you. Plus, make sure you have got tracker, top-quality dash cam and a proper locking system installed in the car as well. Do not leave your car open at any point and try not to stop in deserted areas.

  1. Keep Your Family and Friends Informed

No matter how adventurous of a trip you are going on, always inform your friends and family where and with whom you are going and when they should expect you home. In fact, give them the whole itinerary as it will help them find you easily in the worst case scenario.

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