A lot of people just think of happy hour after a long day at work. They are thirsty and hungry, which is a huge benefit for any sort of restaurant or bar. But if you want to get the most out of your happy hour, you need to know how to promote it. With this in mind, here are some pro suggestions.

Understand The Motive Behind Happy Hours

Unfortunately, a lot of bar owners wrongly believe that happy hour is a distinctive part of their day. You should use the happy hour as a transitional period to draw customers to your bar or restaurant that evening.

It may help you break even, but it won’t be a success without a lucrative dinner or evening. Happy hour is a traffic and revenue generator. You want this traffic to come for a full-price dinner, so you must deploy extremely convincing advertising.

It’s Time To Rev Up Your In-House Marketing

It is a good idea to create a special place or, at a minimum, to put up posters and signs around the establishment advertising happy hour. You should include a list of your deals here. In this way, you’ll be able to tell your customers to come back tomorrow if they missed happy hour today.

Ensure your team is trained to run a successful happy hour so they can turn it into a profitable event. If you can walk your guests through a happy hour to an enjoyable dinner or late-night experience, you’ll bring in more business. Ensure your staff is ready to answer questions about your specials and recommend items at full price.

Create Attractive Bar Flyer Templates For Happy Hours

Utilize easily-customizable bar flyer templates to promote your bar’s happy hours. Check out PosterMyWall, which is ideal for printing and online sharing! PosterMyWall has a massive collection of 17,520+ flyer templates that will help you in promoting your happy hours. This tool can be used by design novices and all the downloads can be used and shared for free.

All of your work is permanently and securely stored in the cloud. Utilize folders and photo/video collections to maintain order. Invite team members to modify and comment on designs with relative ease. And best of all, PosterMyWall is compatible with desktops, iPads, and even your smartphone, allowing you to make last-minute modifications while on the move.

Leverage The Power Of Social Media

Most pubs and restaurants recognize the importance of social media marketing for attracting consumers. However, what many people do not realize is how beneficial it is for promotional purposes, particularly when it comes to happy hours.

Why? Because many individuals become restless towards the end of the workday and begin to peruse their social media accounts. By tweeting about your daily deals between 3 and 5 p.m., you reach potential consumers precisely when they are selecting where to go for an after-work drink.

Enhance your social media post by including an intriguing photograph of a food or beverage promotion you’re giving. The visual component is crucial in this regard.

Get Creative With Deals

Since the majority of individuals attend happy hour with a group of friends or coworkers, offer group discounts on appetizers or pitchers. These make your happy hour the spot where people want to be.

Also, do not overlook the effectiveness of bounce-back coupons. Providing your consumers with more vouchers for the following happy hour encourages them to return.

Create A Special Menu

Typically, happy hour discounts apply to beverages and snacks already on the menu. However, if you take the effort to create a special menu for happy hour, people are more inclined to visit your establishment to sample these items.

If you take the effort to create a special menu for happy hour, consumers are more inclined to visit your establishment to sample the beverages and food.

Keep A Track On Success

It is essential to track specific data points while marketing happy hours and other events online so that you can measure the effectiveness of your campaign. Track shares and likes to determine whether promotional social media postings fared best. Also, track the customers who are coming via the flyer that you sent to them. Finally, compare all the channels of happy hour promotion to filter out the most successful ones and concentrate on them for future campaigns.


There are many factors to consider when it comes to happy hour, but the bottom line is that it should be a unique, pleasant, and economical experience for your clients, so they can enjoy it frequently. This is followed by word-of-the-mouth publicity! The more satisfied your customers are, the more they become your brand evangelists as they tell their peers about the best experience they had at your bar.

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