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7 Foods That Can Help You Burn Fat Easier

After so many yammy recipes posted on this site, it’s time to stop and examine the situation a bit. Moderation is the key to everything so a break from all the heavy recipe will do you more than good. Discover 7 foods that can help you burn fat easier and faster. Together with a good diet and an exercise program, these 7 foods can contribute to having a slim and svelte figure without even trying too much.

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1. Celery – I am sorry, but this time celery doesn’t come with vodka. If you want to improve the process of fat burning make sure you add celery to your diet. It contains negative calories that help your body burn fat as you eat it. Alone it doesn’t feed your body with lots of nutrients since it’s mostly water but combined with other vegetables it can bring the nutrients and vitamins that you need for a healthy diet.

2. Green tea – It’s useless to have the same menu as a goat if you continue drinking soda or alcohol. Replace these with green tea and you will feel more energized, while burning fat. Toss in a big piece of cheesecake and all women will be pleased. Green tea contains moderate levels of caffeine, a substance that aids the body burn fat and boosts the metabolism. In addition to this it also contains antioxidants that keep the skin young and elastic.

3.  Avocado – besides the fact that they are very delicious, avocados add a plus of flavor to their personalities. They are rich in vitamins (A,C, D, B6, B12, K), minerals (Calcium, Magnesium, Selenium, Sodium, Potassium) and fiber. A regular intake of avocado can improve one’s vision, protect the body from strokes, leave the hair thicker and shinier while reducing the levels of cholesterol. So you will be both healthy and pretty.

4. Chia seeds – this type of seeds has been recently been made popular by the  supporters of the organic food. They contain omega-3 fatty acids, protein and fiber. All these elements combined have the role of stimulating the hormones that are responsible with burning fat. Another great thing about them is that they expand, suppressing your appetite and helping you eat less.

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5. Brazil nuts – if you are not allergic to them, you should definitely include Brazil nuts into your diet. These sneaky fat-burners boost your metabolism and release the toxins that tend to get fixed into your fat cells contributing to the development of cellulite. So you get to burn fat easier and have a smooth skin. Now, this is a win-win situation I like!

6. Grapefruit – you can say that a grapefruit is like a good man: it smells dazzling and it helps you burn calories. Rich in fiber, the grapefruit is able to stabilize your glucose levels. This way the aching hunger and faint symptoms that we sometimes feel rapidly disappear.

7. Omega-3 fatty acids – these are normally found in salmon, tuna, herring and are known to regulate the metabolic process. Since the body doesn’t produce this type of acid naturally it is important to feed it with the right supplements. By adding oily fish into your daily diet you will be able to protect your heart, brain and tone your skin.


Eating is something that we must do regardless of circumstances. If we want to live, of course! So if we are bound to do it anyway, why not find a way to prolong our life and to improve our lifestyle?

What other healthy foods do you know?