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7 Foods That Keep You Hydrated During Summer

Summer is one of the beautiful periods of the year. It’s the time when your skin gets darker, you get happier, the nights are longer and you get to experience happiness on another level. But summer is also the time when the heat becomes unbearable and you would do everything you can to stop feeling that you’re melting.

The solution: insert into your diet these foods that will keep your body hydrated and at maximum speed. Here we go!

Number 1 – Cucumber 

Water content: 96,7%

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Whether you add it in salads, slice it and serve it with hummus, carrots, and celery, the cucumber is the answer to all the prayers that have been answered. According to studies, the cucumber contains the highest water content of any food. And another good news is that you can make pretty much everything out of cucumber: combine it with yogurt and make a cream soup out of it for example. The taste is delicious and you get a refreshing meal out of it.

Number 2 – Watermelon 

Water content: 91%

These two are always in competition with each other. You cannot say summer without thinking of watermelon and cucumber. Like the characters of a cartoon. The positive thing about it is that the watermelon is a great source of hydration and it gives the body loads of antioxidants. Plus it can be consumed as a smoothie, cocktail, juice with frozen yogurt and in a million other ways.

Number 3 – Iceberg lettuce

Water content: 95.6%

It is true that this type of lettuce doesn’t contain as much fiber or nutrients as spinach or romaine lettuce, but they do rule when it comes to the amount of water content. This type of lettuce contains the highest amount of water compared with its sisters: the green leaf and the romaine varieties. You can add it in your salad, put it in your sandwich or add it to healthy smoothies.

Number 4 – Strawberries 

Water content: 92%

If you are at the market don’t forget to add strawberries to your cart. They are filled with antioxidants, they are refreshing and they are extremely juicy and flavored. They can be added to ice-cream, fruit salad, and milkshakes.

Number 5 – Grapes

These might not have as much water as their formerly mentioned partners in crime, but they are delicious and they can offer you the necessary amount of water during summer. They can be used as snacks, added in salads and eaten as toppings for your frozen yogurt.

Number 6 – Baby carrots

Water content: 90%

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Who knew carrots are so versatile? Baby carrots contain much more water than the normal size carrots and due to their size they can be carried around and eaten as snacks. They can be combined with hummus or even guacamole. The color palette will make your stomach very content.

Number 7 – Spinach 

Water content: 92%

Iron plus 92% water. Popeye knew what he was doing. Aside from the high water content, spinach is also rich in potassium, lutein, fiber, and vitamin E (one of the most important radicals that fight against free radicals).

Including all these foods into your daily diet will make you survive summer easier. Your skin will look better and you will feel lighter and have more energy!