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7 Popular Thanksgiving Traditions

Today is a very special day: it’s Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is the day when you feel gratefeul for everything life has given you so far. It’s the day when you appreciate your family, friends, your health and the joy of waking up every morning knowing that today you can do better. Has it always been like this? Obviously not. Things have changed in time. But it never hurts to know a few Thanksgiving traditions that can help you understand this holiday better. Curious?

7 Popular Thanksgiving Traditions

1. The Feast – my favorite part! Thanksgiving is a day when traditional foods are prepared, usually by the whole family. Among the most delicious and famous traditional foods you can find turkey, sweet potatoes, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cornbreab, gravy and cranberry sauce. And for dessert, the queen is the pie (pumpkin, pecan, apple or sweet potato).

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2. Parades – the first Thanksgiving parade took place when President Abe proclaimed it an official day. We guess (in history we know nothing for sure)! Nowadays, the parade is a way to show the discipline and military strength of a country. Its purpose? To make the spectators feel more alive and upbeat while they watch some good, old entertainment. Most of the parades today include musical shows or the presence of celebrities.

3. The Wishbone – most families see the breaking of the wishbone as an important part of Thanksgiving. The wishbone comes from the turkey’s chest and after eating all the meat existent on it, two people have to pull each end of the bone. Before pulling they both have to make a wish. Whoever takes the bigger part will have his wish come true. Check this article

4. Football Games – NFL football games are famous on Thanksgiving. The most disputed one is the game between Detroit Lions and the Green Bay Packers. If you really want to understand what loyalty is, go to see this game on Thanksgiving. Just make sure you wear a helmet or some protective layers. It tends to get rough!

5. The Turkey Pardon – every year, the President of the United States receives a live turkey as a gift. During the ceremony that takes place at the White House, the president ‘pardons’ the official turkey and all the other existent, live turkeys in the world, letting them live the rest of the year on farms.

6. Family Gatherings – who would refuse to come when there is so much food on a single table? Usually, families live at a great distance and Thanksgiving dinner is a reason to get together, catch up and experience memorable moments.

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7. TV – Thanksgiving without TV is not Thanksgiving. Lots of families watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade because it is one of the most complex ones. It has songs, marching bands, floats, performances from Broadway musicals, helium-filled ballons and lots of other entertaining events.

Thanksgiving is a day to be thankful and grateful for every good thing in your life. Take one day out of 365 to tell those you love how much they mean to you and don’t forget to thank God for everything! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!