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Restaurants in Edmonton

7 Restaurants in Edmonton Where You Should Eat Once!

Edmonton is filled with fun places to eat! One restaurant is located near the cozy Whyte Avenue in the heart of Edmonton and for a dinner at Chef Brad Smoliak you have to go to his pop-up restaurant in the Elk Island National Park. Wondering which 7 restaurants were our favorites during our trip to the fifth city of Canada? You can find them below!

The perfect place to eat with friends: ‘Ampersand 27’

In the district ‘The Old Strathcona’ and close to the Metterra hotel (the place where we also slept), you will find the restaurant Ampersand 27. If you are going to dinner with friends this is a perfect place to go in Edmonton. You can order a gigantic platter for the table with the most delicious meats and cheeses. They also sell an endless amount of Gin Tonic’s and you can not forget to order the ‘Peanut Fries’. These fries may sound a bit strange, but are really unwise. Oh and also a must, the Roasted Cauliflower … Cauliflower was seriously never so good! The cauliflower is roasted and next to a yogurt sauce, there are also raisins, lentils and hazelnuts on top.

Ampersand 27

Mexican madness at ‘El Cortez’

Do you like tortillas, tacos or enchiladas? From restaurants painted in thousand-and-one colors so that you can see something nice everywhere? And can you also enjoy a good Tequila or cocktail? Then you have to go to the Mexican restaurant El Cortez in Edmonton! They sell more than 140 different Tequilas of 100% agave and I have thoroughly enjoyed the Pollo Enchilada, but also try the freshly made Guacemole with Nachos and choose a Zapatos Nuevos cocktail made from Espolon Tequila Reposado, watermelon , lime, basil, agave and pepper! Do you not get enough of this cozy vibe but is the restaurant almost closed? Then you can also move to the bar above, called ‘Have Mercy’ and chill there until the early hours.


Italian food at its best at ‘Vaticano Cucina’

Forget about the pastas you’ve ever eaten before … At Vaticano Cucina, they really know what good pasta is! This restaurant can be found in Edmonton and is one of the newer restaurants of Chef Dione Harwood (reservations are certainly necessary!). He has, like no other, managed to create a modern trattoria with the tastiest Italian dishes from the Central and Southern cuisine of Italy. We recommend the Tomato, Mint, Chili & Ricotta crostinis. But also the Tagliatelle, Polenta Bruschetta and the Ricotta Al Forno (Creamy San Marzano Tomato Blend + Fresh Basil) are irresistible. Order one of the divine wines and your evening is complete!


The tastiest pancakes (and salads) you eat at ‘Little Brick Café’

Tucked away in a residential area, you’ll find the cute Little Brick Café. All kinds of picnic tables are displayed in the garden and you can see here and there growing a tomato or fresh herbs, while you are in a greedy shop and have an ultimate living feeling. You can find Little Brick Café in the Riverdale district and I can say with 100% conviction that I have eaten the most delicious pancake ever! They decorate the pancakes here with meringue, edible flowers and fresh berries … Divine!

Little Brick Café

Macarons, tarts and divine quiches at ‘Duchess Bake Shop’

Sea salt caramel macaroons, key lime pie tarts and divine quiches filled with vegetables … You’ll find it all at the Duchess Bake Shop. This bakery is a real name in Edmonton and that does not really surprise me, because one cake is even better than the other. At lunch, Duchess Bake Shop can be quite busy, but do not let that stop you and just stand in line, because especially the sweets are worth every minute of waiting!


Meat eaters can go to the hip ‘MEAT’

Those who really love meat should go to the trendy MEAT in Edmonton. The restaurant is incredibly cool, so royal blue is combined with cool bronze chairs and natural materials. And on the menu you will find lots of goodies, especially for meat lovers. How about waffles with chicken ?! Yep. They sell it here and surprisingly enough this separate combination was delicious!