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We are made to travel the world. Go from one place to the other and soak in everything that the world has to offer. But while we always think about what we have to receive, we seldom take into account that as travelers, we also have duties to accomplish.

I recently returned from a short vacation where I ran into all types of travelers. Some were co-nationals, others were of nationalities that believed they are better than anyone else. What’s the excuse? „I’m on vacation!”

Being on vacation is not an excuse for behaving like a wild animal. Check out some of these rules for travelers and tell me if you agree.

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1. Don’t leave garbage everywhere you go – this might seem obvious for some, but trust me, other people don’t give it a second thought. Whether you’ve used a beach, a hotel, had a picnic in a forest or went on a walk, don’t forget to clean after you. Each of us contributes to a clean environment and if you don’t do it and expect someone else to do it, things will not evolve properly.

2. Bring food that smells – this applies especially in the case of the indoor places. You might find a tuna sandwich with pickles and mayonnaise delicious, but other fellow travelers might not agree. Try to keep the stench to a minimum while you travel. Period!

3. Be rude just because you can – top traveling destinations are usually very, very crowded. This doesn’t mean that you should be rude to the staff just because you know you have other places available. The opposite is also applicable. You shouldn’t accept to be treated badly just because you pay less or because the place is too crowded. An insolent attitude can ruin a good day and create bad memories. So let’s think twice before we speak or act with disrespect.

4. Jump up from the moment the plane lands – I don’t know if this happens all around the world, but people who stand up from the moment the plane lands are extremely unpleasant. There is nothing you can do until the gates open and the pilot gives you the OK to get off. Why this sudden rush? Do you enjoy standing with your handbag  hanging, bothering the other travelers?

5. Traveling while sick – I know this sounds cold-hearted, but it’s as real as it gets. Try not to travel sick unless you absolutely have to. No one enjoys traveling next to a person who’s dripping from every orifice or coughs uncontrollably, spreading germs all over the place.

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6. Disrespect monuments or spiritual places – it is extremely disrespectful to pee on important monuments, to sunbathe in a museum, to walk around topless in temples or look down on locals just because you can. You are the lucky one for having the opportunity to travel around the world. So appreciate the places and people who make this possible.

7. Over-negotiating prices – this applies particularly in the Asian destinations where the living standard is often lower than on other continents. I find it distasteful to negotiate for a can of soda just because. Especially when it comes to local vendors who have no other means of supporting themselves. It’s important not to be charged a colossal price, but it’s just as important not to take advantage of people and pay a ridiculously low price.

What other types of behaviors have you noticed while traveling?

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