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7 Tips for the Solo Female Traveler

Often enough when traveling, people seek a companion. They need to share their experiences with others because it helps them create memories and feel part of a group with similar interests. But then there are people who want to travel alone and immerse themselves into a journey of self-discovery. How can they keep themselves safe? Especially if we are talking about women traveling alone.

Some of the best tips come straight from fellow female travelers who have experienced a journey of this type and who believe it is best to share and teach other women how to keep themselves safe while traveling. Take a look!

What to Remember as a Solo Female Traveler

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Phone – „I make sure that the phone works properly. With cell phones and the like we sometimes never check hotel phones, but you never know when you may need to make an emergency call from the phone.” – Tiffani Murray, author of Stuck on Stupid: A Guide for Today’s Single Woman Stuck in Yesterday’s Stupid Relationships

Mature people -„When I was younger and traveling alone, I would often befriend an older more mature woman and ask to sit with her on the trip – either on a bus or train. Two pluses -one: you’re not as vulnerable to either the unwanted advances of men or to being robbed and two: they are often the most intriguing, well read, socially astute people to meet.” – Angela Rowton- Gonzalez of Louisville, Kentucky

Maps -„Study a map before you go. Use Google Maps to locate not only fun restaurants and shops, but local police stations or the US Embassy. You can also download maps straight to your iPod or phone that way you avoid signaling potential predators that you are lost or a tourist – no giant paper maps!” – Emily Lape, Owner, Crow Water Parfum

Whistle -„Carry a whistle in your purse. If you’re in danger, blow the whistle – it’s an alert signal recognized in every country.” – Melanie Nayer, Solo Travel

Don’t walk alone at night -„Unfortunately I learned this the hard way after someone grabbed me in the dark as I walked along a dirt path in Nepal.  After this I made sure never to be alone at night thereafter in Nepal and now I make sure to not walk alone late at night.” Kristin Addis, Nomadic Matt

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Too much information -„Limit the amount of information shared about your travel plans – before and during the trip. If you’re a physician, there is no reason to use that title. In some countries it is an open invitation for kidnapping as it advertises ‘wealthy.'”- Lynn Walters, Chief Marketing Officer of Escape The Wolf

Talk to locals -„You will have the advantage of meeting plenty of locals when traveling alone. Traveling in groups will often put a barrier between you and locals because you will the your group to lean on. But when alone visit ice cream shops or pubs, volunteer and interact with people who will help you gain insight and teach you more about yourself and the world.” Rachel Diebel, Wanderlust and Lipstick

To these tips I would add learning key words in the language of the country you are visiting (how to say „help me,” „police,” „emergency” etc.) and searching for the dress code of the place you are visiting. Dressing differently will not only make it clear to everyone that you are a tourist but it might also attract unwanted pests….I mean people.

What other tips would you offer to solo female travelers?