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Traveling has gathered a multitude of meanings throughout the years. The good news is that unlike a few decades ago when traveling from one part of the world to the other was difficult, nowadays traveling has become much more accessible. Take the example of Ryanair which recently has offered their clients amazing prices starting with 10 Euro (one way). However, lots of benefits bring with it plenty of extra issues that need to be taken into account when traveling.

What are the most important things you should know before traveling? Do you know them? Not that I won a Noble Prize for intelligence or anything but I think you can learn something from my experience and the experiences of others. Check this out.

Money makes the world go round – and for this you need to take a lot of cash with you, besides your credit cards. And try to place them in different places so that if you lose one you will not be left without anything. Try having your credit cash in your wallet and your cash in your bra. Just don’t take out the money in front of everyone or your cover will not do you much good.

Check the online statements often – try to do it at least once a week. This way you will avoid frauds and possible errors that might empty your credit card. The sooner you know about it, the faster you fix it.

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Get a taxi outside the airport – it is better to ask for a taxi as opposed to taking one straight from the people approaching you inside the airport. In most situations these are scammers who charge you more than normal. So pay extra attention to them!

And speaking of taxis, always double check the route that your cab driver is going to take. Even if they know it better, the apps available today will give you the chance to monitor the road and select the route that is more convenient for you.

Be careful with hand gestures – You might have the best intentions when giving people the thumps up but in some cultures this can be considered offensive. Make sure you learn a bit about the culture of the country before visiting it. This might save you a lot of trouble on the long term.

Don’t make promises that you don’t intend to keep. The adrenaline and the rush of meeting new people might get you to say stupid things like „come visit me,” „I’ll be happy to help you when you are in my country” or „we’ll definitely keep in touch.” These can only be said if you really intend to do it. If not, just leave it as it is.

Know your country – usually people who come in contact with travelers are interested in discovering more about their country and national situation. Even if you are not a fan of politics or economics try to read about these topics and present a realistic (as much as possible) opinion about what goes on there.

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