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7 Ways to Work While Traveling

Nowadays traveling is seen as a means of relaxation and not necessarily as a lifestyle. You travel when you go on vacation to run from the everyday stress and then you come back to your real life starting everything all over again but with fresh perspectives.

But is it possible to turn traveling into a lifestyle? Can you actually travel, work and support yourself while traveling? According to some people this is possible and actually a fun way to live your life. You will not get rich, that’s for sure but you will improve your life spiritually.

How to Work While Traveling

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1. Teaching English – English is becoming the most popular language in the world and everyone is interested in learning it. So if you have a qualification in English or if you are a native speaker, finding a job in the field of education can be as easy as that. You can do this in Asia (EPIK), Europe (TeachAway), Africa or South America.

2. House sitting  this option started to be very popular lately. In this case you will probably not receive money but you will have a place to stay while you are doing some extra work. Not to mention that some families also offer house sitters food, so one less thing to worry about.

3. Au-pair – clearly not everyone is equipped to take care of children, but if you have a bit of patience you will manage to make this work. In most au-pairing jobs you can benefit of housing, food, weekly allowance and a lot of free time.

4. Travel guide – what can be better than getting paid to travel? If you enjoy visiting everything from museums to wild places, talking to mixed groups of people and exploring the unknown, a job as a tour guide would be perfect for you.

5. Blogging – lots of people started their own traveling blog and they actually manage to support their traveling fund out of the money they get from their experiences. This World Rocks is one of the examples . However, don’t put your hopes too high because making money with a blog is not an easy task. Especially in the beginning when you have no popularity and people haven’t discovered you yet.

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6. Resorts – there are resorts all over the world and they are open to foreign people. Whether you end up working as a front desk assistant, in a restaurant or in the entertainment department you will raise enough money to get around and visit new places.

7. Scholarship – there is nothing better than getting paid to stay a couple of months abroad. Erasmus is probably one of the most recognized program that offers students the chance to experiment the teaching program of a different university.

The world is your oyster. Explore its beauty while you are young and healthy!