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The Banting Diet

8 Essential Foods Every College Student Should Eat

Student life is a very cool time. It is full of positive emotions, a time of getting new life experience and knowledge. However, it is also a time of stress, lack of sleep and overwork. To cope with tons of homework, a student should have a balanced menu, which will help him to maintain his energy on the appropriate level. Today we will try to find out how to eat healthy in college and whether there is a special college student diet that can help to higher your working balance.


Healthy Meals for College Students: Is This a Myth?

Many college students are burden with writing scholarship essays or any other homework assignments every day. That is why they simply do not have enough time for eating healthy in college. That is why they have a bite to eat, but not essential ration three times a day as needed. And in most cases they grab small snacks or junk food, which are essential, but are very bad for their health and bad for teeth. Thus, what fast healthy college meals can you have if you do not have time for cooking?

  1. Porridge

Porridge with fruit and a teaspoon of honey is an ideal start of the day for students. Unfortunately, many people underestimate the importance of breakfast and only have a sip of coffee because they hurry for a lesson. That is strictly prohibited as breakfast gives you the significant amount of energy for the whole day. That is why it is vital to have foods that can stimulate your mental activity.

  1. Healthy snacks

Healthy snacks are an important part of any student’s ration. You can eat yogurt or different fruit like banana or apple. Unfortunately, students usually go to the local supermarket and buy junk food. But you should avoid consuming sandwiches, hot dogs or burgers as they may lead to overweight and various stomach diseases.

  1. Soups

Various soups are very useful for any student. Vegatable in particular is rich in numerous vitamins that are good for your health. Hot dishes are better soaked into your organism and do not lose their useful properties. Thus consuming various soups will only bring you best.

  1. Fish

Fish is rich in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, protein and other microelements. Omega 3 and 6 are the fundament of the brains cells and building material for cell membranes. Besides, they lower the cholesterol in the blood, which influences the blood and cardiovascular systems positively. Phosphorus that fish is rich in, has a positive impact on the nervous system, boost your workability and reduce lethargy.

  1. Meat

Although there are many rumors about the usefulness of meat, it should be an integral part of the ration for any person, and for students in particular, if you are not a vegan. Meat consuming stimulates your mental activity, prevent bone diseases and lack of vitamin D.


  1. Salads

Vegetable salads are a very important element of students’ ration as they are full of vitamins. If you can’t consume only vegetables, you can add a bit of chicken or fish. Besides, salads are an integral part for those who follow a certain diet.

  1. Nuts

Many scientists have proven that nuts are very important for a healthy ration. Walnuts are necessary for sportsmen after training, but not less they are useful for students. If you have an exam or stress, take 30 g of walnuts and your brain will function better.

  1. Smoothie

If you do not fancy eating vegetables as they are, then a smoothie is an ideal option for you. What is a smoothie? It is a thick drink made of a combination of vegetables or fruit. It is very easy to prepare at home, you just need ingredients you want to add and a blender. Smoothie is an essential drink, thus many people prepare it instead of breakfast or dinner or enjoy as a dessert.

Food is an essential part of our life. If you are a student and have tons of homework, then having a balanced and healthy meal throughout a day is obligatory. It doesn’t only help you to keep fit, but also help to boost your mental activity. As it is said, one cannot think well, love well and sleep well if he has not dined well.