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Relationships are a pain in your bottom. When you are in a couple you complain about the things you don’t like about your partner and when you are single you wish you had something to complain about. And when it comes to dating a new person, going out with someone addicted to traveling is out of your list of options. But maybe you should reconsider. Maybe there are a few reasons why falling in love with a person who travels is not only a good idea but also recommended.

9 reasons to go out of this world. or around it

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Because they will always have a magnificent story to tell. They will tell you about the time they ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere and had to spend the night in a village that was not even on the map; that they had a wonderful dinner with that Indian family they lived with in France. The amount of stories you will be bombed with will be delightful.

Because they never get bored. These people have traveled from one corner of the globe to the other. They’ve been on flights that lasted 10-12 hours and had to find a way to survive. Spending time on land is now a piece of cake for them and the group of options is infinite.

Because they’re always on board. With pretty much everything. They have a sense of adventure inbuilt that encourages them to go everywhere and try as many things as possible.

Because they won’t be that fast to judge you. While traveling in different parts of the world and meeting new cultures, these travelers get to see all sorts of situations that make them understand people a little better. And they will not allow themselves the luxury to judge you or anyone else. Everyone lives by their own beliefs and as long as you are respectful to their ideas they will behave the same.

Because they are humble. Traveling, they’ve discovered that they are not the center of the universe. And this discovery gives people the realization that they are just a small part of the world and they should feel grateful for what they have.

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Because they will want to surprise you. With every little gesture or trip they organize they will constantly keep you in a sense of excitement and anticipation. What’s next? you’ll ask yourself with a smile on your face.

Because their favorite word is „yes.” Whether you are asking them to try a new Chinese restaurant opened in an obscure place, shop from locals or eat insects for breakfast. They won’t think twice.

Because they are prepared for whatever life has to throw them. Traveling implies constant adjustment and learning how to do this without freaking out will help them prepare better and have a more optimistic approach on life.

Because they can face daily situations that might seem stressful to others. Dining with your parents, for example, will seem a piece of cake compared to eating among gorillas in Africa or eating in the street in India.

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