A Delicious Journey to Know San Marzano Tomatoes

Italian cuisine uses a lot of tomatoes in making their dishes. They use native tomatoes to make them; however, these tomatoes are not available for the whole year, so these are preserved and even imported and exported to different places. If you are thinking how they are stored, then the answer is san Marzano canned tomatoes.

Moreover, there are wide varieties of these tomatoes available in the market, and you can find them either in stewed, crushed and diced variants which are the product of Italian tomatoes and also others. However, we are going to know about the best of San Marzano tomatoes in this blog.

  • This San Marzano are grown in the Campania region of Italy, near Naples, the place where Pizza was discovered so who better than them can know their tomatoes.
  • Moreover, what makes these tomatoes perfect is, they are grown in the field which has volcanic soil in them filled with so many minerals providing the essential tomato nutrients to them.
  • The San Marzano tomatoes are plump and meaty but thinner and have pointed look as a nib. They have fewer seeds and a complicated flavour which you won’t like if you eat it raw, but if sprinkled with some kosher salt, it will be a little better.
  • However, the taste completely changes after cooking it, as it has a perfect acidic flavour which is strong and also some sweetness to make it balanced.
  • It is a hot pick for Chef’s as it has a thick skin which makes it peeling off easy. When ripening these tomatoes, they look brownish-red and have less moisture which makes the sauce prepared by them rich, tasty and thick with perfect color and texture.
  • However, it depends on climate what your perfect fresh tomatoes will taste like and so it may differ in taste as they are seasonal and are only available in mid to late summer at the local farmers market. Still, you need not have to worry because we have you covered with our best of the San Marzano tomatoes available to be used in your dishes having a dark red color, dense flesh and a rich, saucy flavour.

The San Marzano tomato sauce is also used in pizzas that are prepared by fresh tomatoes. If you are worried about San Marzano tomatoes where to buy, then you can check the online store.

Cultural Description –

Just like the French champagne, the San Marzano tomato also comes in the protected varieties. There are strict provisions for farmers who grow these tomatoes which ensure that only farmers of the particular area who swear by precise farming and canning methods can sell these tomatoes tagged as San Marzano.

The San Marzano is grown in the valley of Valle Del Sarno specially protected for these tomatoes. Moreover, the perfect weather and the fertile soil contributes to this tasty, juicy and dark tomato’s growth.

How to Freeze and Cook the Fresh San Marzano Tomato?

Have you heard of san Marzano pasta sauce? If not, then let me tell you san Marzano tomato consists of little pulp and few seeds that make it an excellent choice for making pastes as well as sauces. Due to its seeds and pulp, they are good even after freezing them. You can freeze and store these tomatoes so that they can be used in casseroles, soups, sauce or pasta making dishes.

For cooking these tomatoes, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Use 1 gallon of water in a large pot and then submerge San Marzano tomatoes in it to boil it. You have to boil the tomato till the skin does not begin to split.
  • Transfer these tomatoes in the bowl of ice water so that you peel the skin easily from them. Don’t forget to cut the stem core from the knife and then cut these tomatoes into pieces.
  • After placing these sliced tomatoes into the pot, you have to heat them for 20 minutes till the time they become tender.
  • Now you need to cool down these tomatoes to the room temperature.
  • At last, you can transfer the tomatoes in the freezer by placing them in the container or the storage bag. Make sure you push the air out from the bag if you are storing san Marzano tomatoes in the bag. You can seal the bag or the container and then can store it in the freezer for up to one year.

However, whenever you require you can use these tomatoes to make delicious san Marzano tomato sauce or dishes for you and your family.

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